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Berner Voralpen   T3+  
13 Oct 19
Homad from Möntschelealp via the Langeneggspitz.
Gorgeous panoramas from the Berner Voralpen, on a lazy Sunday afternoon of a summer-like October. From the Möntschelealp I aimed to the Langeneggspitz, because it was immersed in the sunlight, whereas the path climbing up to the Möntschelespitz on its north flank seemed to lie mostly in the shadow. So I took the path passing...
Published by Grossvater 26 October 2019, 01h00 (Photos:13)
Schwyz   T5 II  
12 Oct 19
Il Cattivo, Il Buono e ...
TL;DR: once upon a time I tried to scramble upon the Bad, but he said no, hence I turned to the Good, and she said yes :) Started from Gumen at about 9.30 -- first mistake of the day: I had misunderstood that the first train from Linthal to Braunwald would be at 8.30 and no, it was the first Kombibahn Braunwald-Gumen at 8.30...
Published by Grossvater 22 October 2019, 03h34 (Photos:16)
Schwyz   T6 III  
20 Oct 19
Schiberg (2044m) & Plattenberg (2081m)
A great autumn hike, full of emotions. The Brenna route has been described in many reports here (see the links below). My tour essentially replicates this one: The weather was OK, moderately windy, with medium-high clouds that occasionally broke apart letting the sun through. With...
Published by Grossvater 22 October 2019, 00h11 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
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