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Jun 18
California   T5- PD- II  
18 Jun 14
Mount Whitney - Mountaineer's Route (Plus)
Mount Whitney is one of the most popular mountains in the US, most likely due to the fact that it is the highest point in the contiguous US and it has some rather easy paths to it's summit. It is so popular that the government decided to regulate the access and only allow a certain number of people per day to climb it. This would...
Published by 360 11 August 2014, 23h18 (Photos:40 | Comments:4 | Geodata:2)
Jun 4
California   T4+ F I  
4 Jun 14
Matterhorn Peak - a "Sierra-Nevada-Must-Climb" for two Swiss
Matterhorn Peak was one of the very first mountains which I put on my Sierra Nevada "to-do-list", even before I moved to California. A mountain with such a legendary name is a must for a Swiss and in addition the routes to its top seemed quite interesting. It seems like every mountain range on this planet has to have some peaks...
Published by 360 3 August 2014, 20h13 (Photos:32 | Comments:4 | Geodata:1)
May 28
California   T6- III  
28 May 14
Emerald Point - Sierra Nevada warm-up for USAlpin_Rise
After Alpin_Rise arrived in California, we (obviously) started talking about potential goals for a hike. His 3 wishes for this weeks Wednesday outing were: 1. to get some scrambling in, 2. not too much of an altitude difference and 3. if possible some snow for sliding down the mountain. Still being a California novice myself, the...
Published by 360 10 June 2014, 02h21 (Photos:14 | Comments:1 | Geodata:1)