Piz d'Arbeola (again)

Published by brunoz , 2 September 2015, 23h43.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Misox
Date of the hike: 5 July 2015
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: Gruppo Arbeola-Molera   CH-GR 
Height gain: 992 m 3254 ft.
Height loss: 992 m 3254 ft.
Route:San Bernardino - Lago d'Isola - Alp d'Ocola - Pass di Passit - Pass de la Cruseta - Piz d'Arbeola
Maps:CNS 1274 Mesocco

Piz d’Arbeola again! Well, that was not what I had planned, the title should have been… but one has to be “flexible”. The day’s idea was to have a go at the neighbouring Piz Pian Grand. So I started from San Bernardino and went up exactly the same route I took when I went to Piz d’Arbeola back in July 2008 (hey, long time ago!). Lago d’Isola, Alp d’Ocola, then the lovely Pass di Passit and then, through a couple of snow-patches, up to Pass de la Cruseta. Once here I could finally have a look at Piz Pian Grand. Wow, beautiful, but Boca da Rogna, below, and then the large ramp going to the summit were still covered by quite some snow. That is not one of my favourite subjects and I consequently chose to go again (what the hell!) to Piz d’Arbeola. As in 2008, I traversed the northern face base rather than going back down to catch the “normal” route (which in any case has no path nor markings nor cairns at all). With the traverse you can exercise (with a little care over wet rocks) some very basic climbing skills and in a short while (a scarce half-hour from Pass de la Cruseta) you would step on the ridge at a very close distance from the summit. Breathtaking view does reward generously for the, altogether, modest effort. Piz Pian Grand stands right there, somehow calling. Well, next time. Very close are also Piz de Trescolmen and Alta Burasca. On the other side I Rodond, the San Bernardino pass, and the peaks of Val Vignun. I went down via the “normal” route, but when just below Pass di Passit, fearing an imminent thunderstorm, I hurried on the path descending (left) more rapidly into the wood, heading to Alpe Fracch (rather than pulling to Alp d’Ocola). Still the sudden, strong shower managed to catch me and soak me big time. Well, at least I had the opportunity of getting to know this path, very well layed and scenic.    

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