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Sunset on the Stockberg (1212m)

Published by Stijn , 16 April 2015, 22h14.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike:14 April 2015
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SZ 
Time: 2:15
Height gain: 500 m 1640 ft.
Height loss: 500 m 1640 ft.

The Stockberg (the one near Siebnen at the entrance to the Wägital) has been described about as often as can be expected here on Hikr. With a modest altitude of 1212m and no particularly interesting ascent routes, the alpine hiker rather looks higher up the valley where many fabulous mountains await. The Stockberg has two massive trumps up its sleeve, though: its Zürichsee views and its amazing potential for sunset hikes. This came together perfectly last Tuesday, when I decided to climb the Stockberg as a spontaneous after-work sunset hike.


A narrow, panoramic road from Siebnen up to Isenburg allows me to park the car at Mettlen. There's space to park about three cars at (711150, 224460) just past Mettlen, right where the road enters the forest and the footpath to the Stockberg starts.

I try to plan a circular hike which would put me on top of the Stockberg just before sunset. This leads me past Argeli, Port and Siebnerschwändi. Highlights include spotting a badger in the forest near Siebnerschwändi, and the views of Gross and Chli Aubrig, and as I get higher of the other Wägital mountains as well.

I have to hurry a little, but I manage to arrive on the summit of the Stockberg in time to experience a wonderful sunset. I'm all alone and there's a bench just north of the summit which gives beautiful views of the Zürichsee as the suns sets behind it. I'll let the photos speak for themselves here.

I take the direct descent back to my car, which gets me there in about 40 minutes. That means: if you're quick, you can experience sunset on the summit and get back to the car before it's properly dark. (Always take a headtorch just in case, of course.) Indeed, it's advisable not to hang around on the summit too long. Most of the descent is along a fairly obvious forest path, but halfway at Chäseren there's a meadow to be crossed. By headtorch, it would be really tricky to find where the path disappears into the woods again at the bottom of the meadow. All through the descent, there are more wonderful views through the trees towards the Zürichsee, which is glowing orange, red and purple with the colours of dusk.


Hiking the Stockberg at sunset proved to be an enormously rewarding decision. If you're in the Zürich area (and given that you have your own transport), I can't recommend the Stockberg enough as an after-work sunset hike.

Hike partners: Stijn

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