Kamor & Hoher Kasten – A hike from Rüthi in the Rhine valley to Wasserauen

Published by 360 Pro , 30 April 2008, 21h45.

Region: World » Switzerland » Appenzell
Date of the hike:27 April 2008
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: Alpstein   CH-AI   CH-SG 
Access to start point:cff logo Rüthi (SG) Dorf
Access to end point:cff logo Wasserauen

After more than 3 weeks of "mountain abstinence" I felt a lot like some elevation. Nothing too serious, but up there somehow was my motto. The Appenzellerland sounded like the right choice and so I traveled to Rüthi in the Rhine valley.

In the Rhine valley everything was blooming and it was very warm when I got off the bus. I walked along the marked hiking path towards and up Bergwald and then to Lenziwis. At this altitude spring only just arrived; a few gentians here and there and some crocus peeking out where the snow has just melted away. Some of the north-facing slope still had a considerable amount of snow, but it was no problem without snowshoes (this was true for the whole hike).

On Kamor I enjoyed the nice view over to Hoher Kasten, the rest of the Alpstein and the “Appenzellerland”. Down in the valley it was very green already and above 1500m it was white with some brown spots. After Kamor I also visited Hoher Kasten. From Kastensattel I went up to the top (and down) via the “Katzentöpli”. There is a brand new revolving restaurant on the summit, which will open on May first. When I was there it was still under construction and closed. Also, the cable car didn’t run yet so it wasn’t too crowded.

I then decided to walk to the Sämtisersee and from Plattenbödeli up to Alp Sigel. From there I followed the path to Wasserauen via Obere Mans, the saddle east of Bogartenlücke. In the north-facing Mar there was still a lot of snow and I even saw fresh ski tracks (!), but at around 1000m altitude it was snow free.

Rüthi (SG) Dorf – Bergwald – Rappentobel – Lenziwis – Unter/Ober Kamor – Kamor –Kastensattel – Hoher Kasten – Plattenbödeli – Alp Sigel – Obere Mans – Mar – Hüttentobel – Wasserauen

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