Teilweise um das Calandamassiv herum

Published by Cirrus , 22 July 2007, 23h29.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Calanda
Date of the hike:22 July 2007
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Time: 4:00
Height gain: 225 m 738 ft.
Height loss: 1350 m 4428 ft.
Access to start point:Zu Fuss: Calandahütte
Access to end point:öV Vättis

Hike Classification: 3 stars (nice)

Around 3h there was a thunderstorm with some nice lightning, quite heavy thunders and strong wind gusts. In the morning it was very clouded, and the decision was not to pass the Calanda ridge (the original plan was to climb Felsberger Calanda and follow the ridge to Taminser Calanda, I-II). So, we followed a marked hiking road through the wet grass, and passed several creeks. We were walking just below the cloud base and had some views. It is a nice landscape with the many creeks coming from the Calanda. The road is especially in the beginning unclear and sometimes there is no road (T3-). Close to the creeks the terrain is often steep and sometimes rocky. Again we saw two groups of "gemsen". After passing below the Felsberger and Taminser Calanda, an efficient descent took us to the Kunkelspass, where we were eating. Also the way down to Vättis, on the valley bottom, was nice (we avoided the main road most of the time).

Route: Calandahütte- Felsberger älpli- Taminser älpli- Kunkelspass- Unter Kunkels- Vättis

Wetter: Nachts um etwa 3h Gewitter mit Böen. Am morgen Bewölkt/Nebel, später (nach 13h) auch Aufhellungen. Wir waren meistens unterhalb der Nebel.

Tiere: ca. 10 Gemsen


Hike partners: Cirrus


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