M. Celva 1000m from Oltrecastello

Published by felixbavaria , 6 October 2009, 16h58.

Region: World » Italy » Trentino-South Tirol
Date of the hike:25 March 2009
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: I 
Time: 2:15
Height gain: 520 m 1706 ft.
Height loss: 520 m 1706 ft.
Route:Oltrecastello - M. Celva - P. Cimirlo - Oltrecastello
Access to start point:From Trento via Povo to Oltrecastello. Don't rely on your navigation system here!!!
Maps:Kompass 647 (Trento e dintorni)

Monte Celva is a small mountain to the east of Trento. Due to the dense forest, it is not until the very last meters that one has a surprisingly free view to Trento and the Paganella. A nice walk for the afternoon, and the descent gives an "alpine" feeling for a few meters.

Ascent: West ridge (approx. 1 hr)

From the paved parking lot in the centre of Oltrecastello (near the bus stop), we follow the red and white marks to the upper parts of the village where a forest road leads uphill quite directly. After walking through beautiful groves, we reach a crossroads where we take the left passage. Soon the trail becomes steeper and steeper, and after some serpentines in the woods, we reach the summit plateau of M. Celva with a nice view of Trento and the Paganella. There are some benches to have a picnic.

Descent: East ridge, Passo Cimirlo
(approx. 1 hr 15 min)

From the summit we follow the sign to Passo Cimirlo. The trail is steeper than the one we used for the ascent and there are even some fixed ropes. Nevertheless, the difficulty does not exceed T2, and the ropes are there only for psychological reasons.

Soon we reach a settlement near Passo Cimirlo. If we had looked at the map, we would have seen that the shortest route back to Oltrecastello turns right after the first houses, but instead we descend to Passo Cimirlo and take the paved road down to a meadow with apple trees where we turn right and have to ascend a few meters until the "correct" route joins from the right.

Soon we reach the crossroads where we turned left during the ascent, and head back to the bus stop where we have parked our car.

Hike partners: felixbavaria

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