Piz de la Margna

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Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Oberengadin
Date of the hike:21 July 2004
Hiking grading: T4 - High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: CH-GR   Bernina-Gruppe   Margna-Tremoggia-Gruppe 
Height gain: 1350 m 4428 ft.
Height loss: 1350 m 4428 ft.

Some consider La Margna the 'Guardian of the Engadin', even though there are many summits around the Engadin lakes that are considerably higher. Located at the end of the Engadin valley (when seen from the St. Moritz side), it is La Margna's bulk that makes it standing right in your face.  And whatever route you take, it always remains a solid 1350 meters climb.

It was the third time that I would hike La Margna, but the first time on the 'regular' route. The advantage of the Normalweg is that one cannot miss the way and that it is generally less exposed; its disadvantage is that it is awfully long.

From Maloja one follows the road to the Maloja camping site on the east of the lake, then begins climbing to the pretty stone hut 'Ca d'Starnam. The trail continues 'behind' the La Margna north-east ridge, somewhat tedious into talus and reaches the ridge at point P.2980. Novices can be slightly shocked looking down the abyss on the other side, though there are only one or two exposed steps before one continues on the rather broad ridge to the summit. 

The summit has a huge cairn and space for hundred people, though we were just by ourselves. The views are, quite expectedly, magnificent. We had some cloud cover, which obstructed some of the views but added some drama to the exercise.

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