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3 Torrents and what felt like 100 Bridges

Published by detlefpalm , 8 November 2018, 20h31.

Region: World » Belgien
Date of the hike: 8 November 2015
Hiking grading: T1 - Valley hike
Geo-Tags: B 
Time: 3:45
Height gain: 362 m 1187 ft.
Height loss: 362 m 1187 ft.
Route:13.2 Kilometer

A hike in the Land of the Springs. The Hohe Venn (Hautes Fagnes) is the source of the Statte, Sawe and Hoegne. The courses of the streams are wild and unspoilt. We visited in fall, but the area is interesting at any time of the year, for sure.

The trails are often rough, but there are many footbridges and gangplanks that criss-cross from one side to the other.

Our trail starts a little uphill from the pub at the bridge Belleheid. It is possible to begin and end the hike here - this will save a few hundred meters.

The trail involves quite some up and down. After all, you have to cross from one valley into the other and into the next.

The area is much frequented especially at nice weekends, and it may not be easy to secure a seat in the pub. But the many guests seem to disappear once you set out on the trail.

Hike partners: detlefpalm

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