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Feld, Wald und Wiesen und das Perpetuum Mobile

Published by detlefpalm , 1 November 2018, 21h35.

Region: World » Germany » Westliche Mittelgebirge » Eifel
Date of the hike:31 August 2018
Hiking grading: T1 - Valley hike
Time: 2:30
Height gain: 224 m 735 ft.
Height loss: 224 m 735 ft.
Route:10.4 Kilometer

'Feld, Wald and Wiesen' in German is synonymous to being rather average or common. This hike is indeed missing something grandios or spectacular, but it is a solid, rather short and pleasant hike through a very rural part of the Eifel. And it has a good combination of fields, forests and meadows.

As a bonus, the hike starts and ends at the Monastery Steinfeld, which is a significant attraction. The Monastery is worth visiting, and also has a good shop and cafe. It also produces its own beer, though we stick to the Bitburger.

Along the trail you will come across an example of the ingenious Lambach pump, which is still kept running, though mostly for demonstration purposes.

Hike partners: detlefpalm

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