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Gross Aubrig (1695 m) - the snow is almost gone

Published by Roald , 22 April 2018, 21h53.

Region: World » Switzerland » Schwyz
Date of the hike:22 April 2018
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-SZ   Etzel-Aubrig-Kette   Zürcher Hausberge 
Time: 4:15
Height gain: 950 m 3116 ft.
Height loss: 950 m 3116 ft.
Route:Wägitalersee - Parkplatz (904 m), Schrä, Bärlaui (1284 m), Gross Aubrig (1695 m), P.1514, P.1439, P.1439, Eggstofel (1392 m), Schrä, Wägitalersee - Parkplatz (904 m) (total hiking distance: 9 km)
Access to start point:By car to Wägitalersee, parking at Schähhoger just across the dam.

Afternoon hike to Gross Aubrig. Yesterday while biking at Wägitalersee, I saw that there was only a little bit of snow left at the top of Gross Aubrig. And today the ascent from Schrä via Bärlaui was nearly possible without having to walk through snow. It was a bit muddy here and there, but actually less than I had expected.

After descending from Gross Aubrig on the marked trail, I ascended about 100 m up towards P.1514 and then headed towards Nüssen. In the area around Nüssen there is still quite a bit of snow. In fact, the trail on the NE side of Nüssen towards Eggstofel is all covered with snow. I was using my gaiters not to get snow into the hiking boots. Next, I descended from Eggstofel in direction ENE on snowfields and then down through the forest to get back on the marked trail at elevation 1180 m.

Ascent and descent on the wrw marked trail: T2 (maybe T3 in a few places)
Descent from Eggstofel in direction ENE on snowfields and then through the forest down to the trail at elevation 1180 m: T2 (no trail, orientation can be difficult)

Hike partners: Roald

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27 May 17
Gross Aubrig · carpintero

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