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Nicole says:
Sent 26 March 2012, 22h14
another great song!!!
another great trip!!!
another great day in the nature!!

skiboy1969 says: RE:
Sent 27 March 2012, 18h02
another great thanks
another great cheers
another great wishes to feel free in the wilderness!!!
bye Nicole

Felix Pro says: RE:
Sent 19 April 2012, 21h27
what the hell, are you always doing - so beautiful and exciting!
congratulations for a further of your "dream-tours"!

have e good time, best wishes - and good luck on all your further mountain high-lights!


skiboy1969 says: RE:
Sent 25 April 2012, 14h10
Thanks a lot Felix for your kind words and i re-send to you my best wishes to live your mountains as you like!!!

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