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Two boats on the Walensee as seen from Vorder Leistchamm (Steinmannli)

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Zaza says: Coool!
Sent 10 January 2007, 13h57
Eindrucksvolles Bild; als Thumbnail sah es aus wie ein Bild von HR Giger!

silberhorn says: RE:Coool!
Sent 8 September 2013, 23h01
Am Wochenende ist in der Gallery Hilt in Basel die Ausstellung mit Bilder und Skulpturen von HR Giger eröffnet worden. Der original Alien ist auch dabei. Kannst ihn kaufen ;-).

silberhorn says: RE:Coool!
Sent 19 September 2013, 21h58
... kostet "nur" 190'000:00, ist ganz brav und sieht überhaupt nicht gfürchig aus.

Louis says: two boats
Sent 10 January 2007, 14h06
Fantastic picture, it combines the texture of a cold blooded animal, a metallic surface and a soft cool bed sheet. Louis

360 Pro says: RE:two boats
Sent 11 January 2007, 08h47
Wow what a poetic description for this pic...

Delta Pro says: Maybe...
Sent 20 February 2007, 07h39
...the most beautiful pic on - I can't stop looking!
A firework of liquid geometry! Like flying high above the earth...

360 Pro says: RE:Maybe...
Sent 20 February 2007, 17h30
Thanks, also for another poetic description for this pic!

As you most likely know, standing next to the "Steinmannli" at Vorder Leistchamm (or in fact the whole ridge there) and looking down to the Walensee does kind of feel like flying high above the lake...

Sanjeeta says:
Sent 11 May 2009, 08h26
want to expereince that feeling!!

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