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Dec 22
Abchasien   D- IV  
27 Aug 16
Dombaj-Ul'gen: The jewel of the Western Caucasus
Returning to the Caucasus ”-Dombaj-what???!” I said to my Swiss friend Andi over the phone when he gave me a call one afternoon in November more than a year ago. I’d never heard about a mountain called Dombaj-Ul’gen. Nor was I rather impressed by its elevation of 4.046 meters. Skhara, the wild looking twin peaks of...
Published by andre68 22 December 2016, 11h18 (Photos:56 | Comments:2)
Sep 22
Abchasien   D- IV  
27 Aug 16
Dombaj-Ul’gen 4046,0m
HÖCHSTER BERG ABCHASIENS: ДОМБАЙ-УЛЬГЕН (DOMBAJ-UL’GEN) 4046,0m. Die Besteigung des Dombaj-Ul’gens ist ein ganz grosser Brocken wenn man alle europäischen Landeshöhepunkte besteigen will - schwieriger ist lediglich der höchste Berg Georgiens, die 5201m hohe Шхара / შხარა (Škhara / Šxara)....
Published by Sputnik 22 September 2016, 07h20 (Photos:128 | Comments:31)