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May 31
Zürich   F  
31 May 17
My Way to Work - May is colorful
This is my diary of cycling to work. One way is 5,5 km from Uster to Volketswil. February was gray. March was green. April was yellow. May: Intens colors before thunderstorms and blooming grasses.
Published by iuturna 4 June 2017, 21h58 (Photos:12 | Comments:2)
Apr 30
Zürich   F  
30 Apr 17
My Way to Work - April is yellow
I cycle to work almost every day - 5,5 km one way. From Uster to Zimikon / Volketswil. Tis is my diary of nature impressions. Furthermore there are interesting things to be found in the village, like an open sky bookstore or a collection of garden gnomes. Colors of the months: February was gray. March was green....
Published by iuturna 4 June 2017, 21h31 (Photos:15)
Mar 31
Zürich   F  
31 Mar 17
My way to work - March 2017
I get to work by bycicle. In this journal I post pictures of my impressions. I enjoy the outside activity every morning and evening. It's a balance to work. Colors and scent of the fields change every week. December was grey January: gray, white, black February: gray, dark green March: green, green, green!
Published by iuturna 9 April 2017, 13h54 (Photos:5 | Comments:1)
Feb 10
Zürich   F  
10 Feb 17
My way to work - February 2017
10. Februar 2017 Die Legenden sind wahr! Es gibt sie wirklich, die zwei grossen, gelben Scheiben über dem Nebel! Ich habe sie mit meinen eigenen Augen gesehen... ...eine am Morgen...
Published by iuturna 11 February 2017, 22h24 (Photos:5 | Comments:2)
Nov 19
Zürich   F  
19 Nov 16
My way to work
I use my bike for shopping and to get to work almost every day. The way to work is only 5,5 km on a not very spectacular street. Nevertheless I get so many impressions througout the year. Colours and scent of the fields change every week. The physical activity and nature impressions prevent me of taking problems at work to...
Published by iuturna 8 January 2017, 18h41 (Photos:7 | Comments:4)