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Aug 10
Bellinzonese   T5  
10 Aug 10
Leventina: Eskapaden im Val d’Ambra – Valle di Bri
Eldorado für alle Offroad-Fans! Das Tälersystem südwestlich oberhalb Bodio/Personico: Val d’Ambra mit den Seitentälern Val Bedri - Val Iametta – Val Gagnone - Val Rierna – und eben das Valle di Bri, welches ich heute besuche. Zugegeben, die Pläne waren anders: Ich wollte das Valle di Bri...
Published by Seeger 11 August 2010, 14h59 (Photos:17 | Comments:2)
Sep 5
Bellinzonese   T4  
5 Sep 07
Val d’Ambra and Valle di Bri – from Bodio to Biasca
My original plan was to climb Pizzo Ricuca via the W ridge, pretty much like Zaza describes here and then walk down to Iragna along the standard route to Pizzo Ricuca. Unfortunately I had to turn around at some point and didn’t make it up Pizzo Ricuca; instead I explored the beauty and old paths of Valle di Bri and Val...
Published by 360 7 September 2007, 23h59 (Photos:11 | Comments:1)