Castle Peak 2776 m 9105 ft.

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15 Mar 19

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California   PD+  
15 Mar 19
Sierra Snow 2019! Back country skiing in the Castle Peak area
The start to the winter in California's Sierra Nevada was rather slow, but picked up in mid January and really kicked in in February. In the Donner Pass / Castle Peak area there were more than 7 meters of snowfall in February, with some daily totals of more than a meter. At this point the cumulative snow fall at Donner Pass is...
Published by 360 18 March 2019, 17h01 (Photos:10 | Geodata:2)
California   T5 II  
24 Aug 18
Castle Peak - The southeast ridge is way more of an adventure than expected
A friend recently told me about Frog Lake near Castle Peak and how beautiful it is. After doing some www-research about the lake, I found out that it (and it's surroundings) is still privately owned by a family, but will be purchased by Truckee Donner Land Trust and made publicly available in 2020. To get a glimpse of this gem, I...
Published by 360 28 August 2018, 20h20 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
California   T5- II  
13 May 16
Castle Peak - A disillusioning fitness test
After a very long break from "real" mountains, I wanted to find out how bad my fitness was. During the past 8 months I did almost nothing which would have helped my fitness. Working "as a contractor" and not really doing any cardio exercise made me wonder how much altitude gain was still possible for me. In order to find out, I...
Published by 360 7 August 2016, 19h35 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)
California   T2 IV  
11 Jun 14
Alternative Facts - or First hikr's report about the Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite
First report about the world famous Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite on! Basically nothing more to write. I did the first few meters, no kidding, did it, impressive! That should be enough to produce some "alternative facts" like its currently normal in the US, regarding the current Pretender in DC. Stroll around the base...
Published by Alpin_Rise 4 August 2014, 01h12 (Photos:8)
California   T6 PD II WT4  
13 Apr 13
Andesite - und Castle Peak: Schneeschuh- und Kraxelvergnügen in Kaliforniens Sierra Nevada
Kalifornien ist wohl für die meisten Leute nicht in erster Linie für seine Berge bekannt. Allerdings gibt es dort mehr und fast so hohe Berge wie beispielsweise in der Schweiz. Neben der Sierra Nevada (welche eine stattliche Länge von 640 km und Breite von 80 bis 130 km aufweist) gibt es im Süden Kaliforniens auch noch die San...
Published by 360 27 April 2013, 18h05 (Photos:14 | Comments:1 | Geodata:1)