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Glarus   WS+  
4 Aug 17
Day 1 Hinter Sand - Fridolinshütte 800m ascent, 1h45, T3 Just like with our Galenstock tour last month, the weather forecast forces us to find a tour where we can reach the hut from Zürich on Friday afternoon, so we can aim for the summit on Saturday. This time, the choice falls on the Tödi - highest point of canton Glarus...
Publiziert von Stijn 6. August 2017 um 11:33 (Fotos:42)
Uri   ZS 5a ZS-  
7 Jul 17
Galenstock SE ridge
With the weather forecast predicting good weather on Saturday, but thunderstorms all day on Sunday, we went looking for a hut that could be reached within a couple of hours from Zürich already on Friday afternoon. Our choice fell on the Sidelenhütte. My idea for Saturday would have been the Galenstock SE spur, but my rope...
Publiziert von Stijn 9. Juli 2017 um 15:36 (Fotos:64 | Kommentare:8 | Geodaten:1)
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