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County Kerry   T3  
22 Jul 10
A nice long strenous hike to Carrauntoohill away from tourist trail. Make sure to bring warm waterproof clothes even on hot day. Weather can change quickly. An ability to read and navigate from maps is necessary. Some steep sections and a head for heights required along some sections. As always be prepared for the worst.
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County Kerry   T3+  
19 Feb 12
Derrymore Circuit
Lovely walk alongside the Curraheen River rising South / South-West to spot height 819m. Continuing SW to Barr Trí gCom 851m and onto 706m. Rise up the ridge SW and then in a NW direction to Cathair Conraoi 835m. Continue on same heading for 150m then change direction N as far as 792m and onto An Géarán and descend carefully to...
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County Kerry   T3+  
10 Jul 10
Brandon via , an Géarán - Brandon peak - Brandon mountain - County Kerry, Ireland
This route is forexperiencedmountaineers / hikers. One should have a good knowledge of navigation as the weather in this area is very changeable and high winds heavy rain and low cloud cover are common. One would need to be sure footed and have a good head for heights. This route should take around 5 hours. At start of walk 2...
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