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Aragatsotn   T5-  
9 Sep 17
Crossing Aragats from Geghadzor in the North via all four peaks and Amberd to the South in three Day
Not many tourists are travelling in Armenia without visiting the highest mountain of the country - Mount Aragats with its for peaks around 4000 m height. Easy to reach from the capital Yerevan a vast amount of people are driving up to Kari Lake on 3200 m. After an easy hike the stream of tourists reaches the southern peak at 3900...
Publiziert von pyromanov 31. Januar 2018 um 22:52 (Fotos:15 | Geodaten:4)
Kapan   T4  
16 Aug 17
Mount Khustup East-West ridge in 3 days, roundtrip from Kapan Armenia
After using for many trips in the Swiss alps, I'll try to give something back to the world wide hiking community. Thats why I share some trips in the Kaukasus (the "lower" in Armenia especially) where there is still a need for more and better information about hiking options. I hope this helps and encourages people to...
Publiziert von pyromanov 12. November 2017 um 00:51 (Fotos:22 | Kommentare:1 | Geodaten:7)
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