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Glarus   T6  
21 Aug 18
Redertenstock south ascent
Tuesday was shaping to be the last sunny day before a long spell of bad weather, so I decided to take a day off from work and spend it in the mountains. For quite some time I'd been wanting to try and repeat the route described earlier on hikr by PStraub and Delta. The idea to try this variant was born the last time I was on...
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Obwalden   T5  
25 Mai 17
Publiziert von pave 26. Mai 2017 um 23:10 (Geodaten:1)
25 Mär 17
Federispitz - bike & hike
This hike has been described a gazillion times, I'm posting it mainly to share current conditions. I was positively surprised by how little snow is left on the mountain. With the exception of the ridge between Federispitz and Plättlispitz, where gaiters were useful, I can say that my route was virtually snow free. I parked...
Publiziert von pave 25. März 2017 um 21:31 (Fotos:18 | Kommentare:2 | Geodaten:3)
26 Aug 98
Sasso Piatto
Publiziert von pave 13. Dezember 2016 um 22:37
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