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31 Mai 15
Lac d'Emosson to Lac de Salanfe
This weekend, we wanted to hike through two mountain passes to walk from Lac d'Emosson to Lac de Susanfe, enjoying the scenery of Mont Blanc in the beginning and Dents du Midi in the end. We arrived around 11:30 to Lac d'Emosson and headed towards Col de Barberine. The signpost said 2:20, and we did really reach it in less than...
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17 Mai 15
Lötschenpass (2690) and back again
It was a sunny day in the Lötschental valley and we decided to hike to the pass between Valais and Bernese Oberland. Right now there are only rare cable cars up to the Lauchernalp, so we had to opt for 12 30 pm cable car instead of 9 30 am. There are two routes leading from Lauchernalp towards Lötschenpass, one rising up...
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