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Safiental   T4 I  
16 Oct 16
Piz Fess (Chli Fess), Oberhorn, Piz Riein
The path from Tenna onto the Piz Fess is marked white-red-white. The markings are rather sparse, and often only there where the path is obvious anyway... Still, in good visibility, it's hard to go wrong.We had not expected many other hikers on the mountain. The ascent of 1250m is considerable and there is a crispy layer of snow...
Published by Stijn 20 October 2016, 19h42 (Photos:69 | Geodata:1)
Oberwallis   T5 PD II F  
23 Jul 16
Färichhorn / Bigerhorn-Balfrin-Ulrichshorn / Nadelhorn
The Nadelhorn: not a bad goal for my first 4000m peak :). Day 1 Gasenried - Bordierhütte 4h15, 1250m ascent, 50m descent, T4 The ascent from Gasenried to the Bordierhütte("Bordier" pronounced in a French way)is relatively long but pleasantly varied. The path first goes up through the forrest, then through a fascinating...
Published by Stijn 31 July 2016, 19h21 (Photos:123 | Comments:2 | Geodata:6)
Albulatal   T3+  
25 Jun 16
You had to participate in the weather lottery, if you wanted to do any hiking this weekend. We gambled on the Büelenhorn and we hit the jackpot. A window of good weather allowed us to reach the summit with fabulous views. And yes, our luck turned in the end: a thunderstorm made us bail from the Stulsergrat and got us pretty wet...
Published by Stijn 29 June 2016, 19h29 (Photos:39 | Geodata:1)
St.Gallen   T5+ II  
21 May 16
The Raaberg, the easternmost summit of the Mattstock massiv, is only rarely climbed. When it is visited, then usually by either 360 or carpintero, it seems. The Raaberg has an east summit (P. 1723) and a west summit (P. 1779). Only the east summit is named on the map and described in the SAC Clubführer. Strange, because the west...
Published by Stijn 21 May 2016, 21h04 (Photos:42 | Comments:2 | Geodata:1)
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Sajama 6542m
Illimani 6439m
Huayna Potosi 6088m
Pequeño Alpamayo 5411m
Pico Tarija 5345m
Pico Austria 5321m
Nadelhorn 4327m
Cerro Tumilki 3950m
Ulrichshorn 3925m
Mont Blanc de Cheilon 3870m
Balfrin 3796m
Balfrin - Nordgipfel 3783m
Grosses Bigerhorn 3626m
La Luette 3548m
Färichhorn 3292m
Silvrettahorn 3244m
Signalhorn 3207m
Kleines Bigerhorn 3188m
Pizzo Stella 3163m
P.3150m 3150m
Danzebell 3148m
Egghorn 3147m
Steinhüshorn 3121m
Piz Ault 3027m
Pizzo Centrale 2999m
Tête Noire 2981m
Zerzer Köpfl / Cima di Serres 2955m
Elferspitze / Cima Undici 2925m
Mährenhorn 2923m
Klopaier Spitze / Piz Clopai 2918m
Mittereck / Punta di Mezzo 2908m
Habicher Kopf / Cima Sparvieri 2901m
Piz Fess / Chli Fess 2875m
Piz Serenastga 2874m
Monte Caurga 2865m
Tällispitz 2843m
Seeberkopf 2815m
Büelenhorn 2808m
Oberhorn 2796m
Zwölferkopf / Cima Dodici 2783m
Schächentaler Windgällen / Höch Windgällen 2764m
Piz Riein (Hauptgipfel) 2762m
Branderspitzli 2738m
Bott'Ota 2685m
Parpaner Schwarzhorn 2683m
Zehnerkopf / Cima Dieci 2675m
Endkopf 2652m
Camoscellahorn / Pizzo Pioltone 2612m
Läged Windgällen 2573m
Schnüerligrat - P.2473m 2473m
Rotrüfner 2462m
Rossstock 2461m
Marchtschuggen 2417m
Hasenflüeli 2412m
Nollen 2371m
Fulegg / Hüendri 2322m
Geisstschuggen 2295m
Jägglisch Horn 2290m
Eggberg 2202m
Hundstein 2157m
Roslenfirst / Saxerfirst 2151m
Brünnelistock 2133m
Chreialpfirst 2126m
Fälen-/Fählenschafberg 2103m
Zindlenspitz 2097m
Äbneter Stöckli 2087m
Plattenberg 2082m
Rophaien 2078m
Rossalpelispitz 2075m
Marwees - Ostgipfel 1991m
Sieben Hengste / Sibe Hängste - Schibe 1955m
Sieben Hengste / Sibe Hängste - P.1952m 1952m
Sieben Hengste / Sibe Hängste - Sichle 1952m
Pfufisegg 1950m
Grosser Mythen 1898m
Chöpfenberg 1896m
Sieben Hengste / Sibe Hängste - P.1827,7m 1828m
Neuenalpspitz 1816m
Raaberg West 1779m
Brüggler 1777m
Wageten 1755m
Riseten 1735m
Raaberg 1723m
Planggenstock 1675m
Hirzli 1641m
Fridlispitz 1624m
Cerro Arco Iris - Cumbre Sur 1570m
Lauihöchi 1455m
Ben Nevis / Beinn Nibheis 1344m
Cerro de los Cristales 1282m
Carn Mor Dearg 1220m
Mirador Cerro Arco Iris 1200m
Sgurr Breac 999m
Stob Bàn 999m
A'Chailleach 997m
Slioch 981m
A'Mharconaich 975m
Meall Chuaich 951m
Mullach nan Coirean 939m
Toman Coinich 935m
Sgurr an Tuill Bhain 934m
Ben Narnain / Bein Narnain 926m
Geal-charn 917m
The Cobbler 884m
Sgurr Dubh 738m
Cerro Akati 680m
Creag Ruadh 658m
Druim nan Sac 644m
Tetakawi 340m
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