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Alaska   T2  
22 Jun 17
Beaver Lake
Started out from the Herring Cove trailhead around 5pm. Headed up to Beaver Lake, and followed the trail clockwise around the lake. The trail had some steep sections, but was in excellent condition. This trail has it all: gushing streams, a tall waterfall, old growth forest, a lake, mountain scenery, muskeg... Met a couple...
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Alaska   T2  
18 Jun 17
Mount Verstovia
Drove past the trailhead off Sawmill Creek Rd on the first pass. There wasn't much space to park, but I managed to squeeze into an open spot. Followed the trail up to the "Picnic Rock" (which some guides call "Mt Verstovia", contrary to most maps)... The trail was steep, with plenty of roots and rocks, but in good condition,...
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Guadeloupe   T1  
24 Dez 16
Le Littoral de Sainte-Rose
Hiked from the Plage des Amandiers to Fort Royal. The trails were mostly well-signed, and in decent condition. Some muddy spots, and a few places I got wet feet crossing small streams on the beaches. Encountered a couple of hikers, one large party on horseback, and some people lying on the beaches.
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Martinique   T2  
22 Dez 16
Cap Salomon
Started from Grand Anse. The trailhead was up a short, steep road. If the trailhead hadn't been signed, we wouldn't have believed that what we were looking at was the trail. Looked more like a river, with large rocks and plenty of water. This continued for all of the trail, except for a flat stretch near the top, which was muddy...
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