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Obwalden   T3  
7 Mai 16
Wasserfall - Dagenstall - Fürenalp
Started out at the trailhead near the Wasserfall restaurant at 10am. The trail was clear up to the bridge over the Tätschbach, and patches of soft snow after that. There was only one, short section of the trail that was somewhat problematic (narrow and exposed, hard snow, handrails not installed yet). Did a short trip up along...
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California   T2  
13 Mai 15
Cuyamaca Peak
Reached the Paso Picacho campground at 4pm. Left $8 in an envelop at the entrance for parking in the day use area. Found the Lookout Road after walking through the campground, and followed it up to the top. On the way down, I took the Conejos Trail to Azalea Springs and back to the campground. The trail junctions were all well...
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California   T1  
31 Mär 15
Cascade Falls
Left the car at the Inspiration Point viewpoint, and walked through the closed campground to the trailhead. The trail to the falls was short and easy (though a bit rocky in places). Near the end, the trail isn't obvious (the ground is covered in granite slabs, and people go in all directions), but you can climb down some rocks to...
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California   T1  
29 Mär 15
Rubicon Trail
Left the car at the gated entrance to D.L. Bliss State Park, and walked down the road (with some shortcuts) to the trailhead. Followed the trail to the boat campground at Emerald Bay. The first mile or so didn't have much views, but the rest more than made up for that. Encountered quite a few people on the trail; must get very...
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