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9 Jan 09
Merritt Island
Merritt Island wildlife hike.  Black Point Wildlife Drive - always full of surprises!  A wonderful 9 mile loop through the protected wetlands of Florida.  Located on the Space Coast - birds of all types migrate to here for the winter.  Photos are from several different hikes, the most recent being Jan. 2009.
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14 Aug 08
Taquahmenon River
This photo file contains photos from Lower to Upper falls including a row boat jaunt across the lower Taquahmenon River to Taquahmenon Island.  The island splits the river creating small cascades which make up the lower Taquahmenon Falls.  The Toonerville Trolley track is a 24 guage train track which runs along the...
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15 Aug 08
Crisp Point Lighthouse
A beautiful historic lighthouse is nestled miles from civilization on the shores of Lake Superior.  Crisp Point lighthouse is being restored.  You will see photos from when we visited in 2007 then again in 2008 once the renovation has begun.  Enroute to the lighthouse, one may see black bear, deer, eagles, and other...
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Myakka State Park
This is a great place to hike on flat ground under beautiful southern tree canopies.  A boardwalk out into the marsh makes for great bird and small animal watching.  Plenty of alligators line the shorelines. There are also rental cabins and campgrounds.  You can take a boat ride down the river...
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