Aug 31
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31 Aug 13
Kunora e Lure from Kroi Bardhe
Kroi Bardhe has a sort of mystic reputation. Everybody seems to have heard of it, hardly anyone knows where it is. We eventually found a description in the promotional picture book published by the Council of Lezha Region, where it is praised as a high altitude camping ground organized around a spring with medicinal qualities....
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Aug 4
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4 Aug 12
The lure of Lure
Everyone seems to have heard of the fabled Lure Lakes, but not many people seem to venture there. Lure village is considered remote, the road to the Lure Lakes is rumoured to be impossible, nobody talks about climbing Maja e Kunora e Lurës (the "Crown of Lure"). The park is said to be destroyed by excessive logging, the hotel...
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