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Nov 18
Belgien   T1  
18 Nov 18
Fosse d'Eupen
Vennwanderung in Eiseskälte, aber strahlendem Sonnenschein. Eine Wanderung für die, die lange Geraden lieben; da gehören wir eigentlich nicht zu.... Wenig bis nichts los auf unserer Tour - verglichen mit den Auto-Park-Kolonnen ein paar hundert Meter weiter an Baraque Michel und Botrange, dem höchsten Punkt Belgiens. Logisch,...
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Okt 28
Eifel   T2  
28 Okt 18
Big Bang at the Meerfeld Maar
The Vulkaneifel (Eifel of the Volcanoes) has more to offer than just the trilogy of Maares near Daun. The Meerfelder Maar is said to be the largest of the Maares. A hike to the Meerfeld Maar can be suitably combined with hiking the Wolfsschlucht, the Mosenberg, the Windsborn crater and untold other scenic spots. In fall, you...
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Okt 27
Eifel   T2  
27 Okt 18
Volcano Hike in Fall
The Vulkaneifel is one of the most visited areas of the Eifel. Not that you would find fire-and-lava-spitting volcanoes here, but this part of the Eifel has a volcanic origin. It is best seen by the 'Maare', which are lakes in the old craters of volcanoes. Their story is in fact a little more complicated, and we suggest you visit...
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Okt 8
Albanien   T2  
8 Okt 18
Maja e Buzes së Gurthit - from Shemri to Mafsheq
We call 'Front Range' the chain of mountains that starts with Dajti Mountain east of Tirana, and continues to the north with Brar, Gomnit, Kruja, Rakshanit. All these mountains offer exceptional hiking, which we have described on hikr and elsewhere. Next in the chain is a mountain whose name is given as Maja e Buzes së Gurthit on...
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Okt 2
Albanien   T1  
2 Okt 18
Rock Climbing in Permet
The City Stone (Guri i Qytetit) used to be a landmark of Permet. In modern days, some of the Palati (apartment buildings) of Permet rise above the rock that sits on the bank of the Vjosa River. Many visitors do not know the rock exists, and if they see it, they do not think of climbing it. It took us several years and many...
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Sep 30
Albanien   T2  
30 Sep 18
Attempt @ Maja e Lucës
Maja e Lucës (1833 Meter) had been long on our wishlist, from the time we got a glimpse of it from the Kurvelesh valley, and when looking at it from the Sarande-Delvine area. The summit of Maja e Lucës, as one of the high-points in the Kurvelesh-Sarande-Gjirokaster triangle, catches the first and the last daylight for a...
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Sep 25
Montenegro (Crna Gora)   T2  
25 Sep 18
Views over Kotor Bay - Sveti Ilja
Vrmac is the mountain that separates the famous Kotor Bay from the Mediterranean Sea.With Lovcen and its national park towering high above Kotor, all other hiking destinations seem to fade away - but not for those who prefer relative solitude to the mass tourism that befalls the Lovcen area. Sveti Ilija is the summit of Vrmac,...
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Sep 21
Slowenien   T2  
21 Sep 18
Raduha with Bull
Raduha is, quite rightly so, a popular destination. The hike is varied, starts or ends at an alpine hut with reputedly very good food, is not overly strenuous, and offers great views. The trail is well signposted. Some variations are possible - including, of course, the entire climb from Luce. The part along the ridge of...
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Sep 15
Eifel   T1  
15 Sep 18
Burg Reifferscheid und Wildenburg
The trail visits two nearby castles: Wildenburg and Reifferscheid - both of them are absolutely worth visiting. Don't be fooled by the images. This is a 15 kilometer hike through a very rural part of the rural Eifel. Records of Castle Reifferscheid are dating back to 1106. Apparently, it was a real stronghold of their owners....
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Sep 5
Eifel   T1  
5 Sep 18
The House of the Dutchman and the Long Glade
The hikes starting at the Höfener Mühle are rightly known for the access to the Daffodil fields - when in season. But the area is beautiful during all times of the year. In this case, we even found Apple and Plum trees along the trails. This trail explores some of lesser known paths in the area. Particularly noteworthy is the...
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Aug 31
Eifel   T1  
31 Aug 18
Feld, Wald und Wiesen und das Perpetuum Mobile
'Feld, Wald and Wiesen' in German is synonymous to being rather average or common. This hike is indeed missing something grandios or spectacular, but it is a solid, rather short and pleasant hike through a very rural part of the Eifel. And it has a good combination of fields, forests and meadows. As a bonus, the hike starts and...
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Aug 28
Belgien   T1  
28 Aug 18
Around the Weser Dam
The Weser dam is, quite rightfully, a major tourist destination of the Eupen area. Access is well signposted, and the huge parking area is testimony to the popularity of the area. We were there in the middle of the week in late August, and avoided the weekend run. As soon as you leave the vicinity of the dam, traffic reduces and...
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Aug 15
Belgien   T2  
15 Aug 18
Three streams to Castle Reinharstein
The trail visits some of the prime hiking areas in Eastern Belgium. Unless you enjoy the crowds, try not to go on a weekend in summer. Having said this, we were entirely alone on the first (along the Ghaster stream) and the last (from Reinhardstein to Ovivat on forest trails) part of the hike. Ovivat is a small village, with...
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Jul 19
Armenien   T2  
19 Jul 18
Finishing Unfinished Business
  We were in the Geghama mountains several years ago, trying to hike Azhdahak. We had reached our trailhead with a rented Lada Niva, and camped in preparation for the hike next day. Snow fell during the night, and the first order of the day was to bring back the Lada to any visible road and safety. This time we returned in...
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Jun 28
Luxemburg   T2  
28 Jun 18
Don't get stuck in Mandrock
While there are many shorter and longer trails around Bollendorf, our short trail aims straight for the Mandrock passage. It is difficult to say whether this is truly the narrowest passage in the Müllerthal area, unless you have been everywhere. But the passage is certainly not for the claustrophobic, nor for those that enjoy...
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Jun 27
Luxemburg   T2  
27 Jun 18
Müllerthal is everywhere
As soon as someone in a group of hikers mentions Echternach or Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, another one will mumble Müllerthal. We wanted to find out - and discovered that Müllerthal describes an area, or feeling, rather than just a simple trail. Having said this, there is a signposted Müllerthal trail, which consists of...
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Jun 22
Eifel   T2  
22 Jun 18
Eugenienstein and other cliffs
The Rur valley near Nideggen offers a spectacular array of sandstone cliffs that make for interesting hikes, a lot of up and down, and fantastic views. The sandstone formations have been the training ground of rockclimbers for more than 100 years. More recently, however, climbing activity is regulated to 4 areas, still offering...
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Jun 19
Eifel   T1  
19 Jun 18
At Buhlert Forest
The Buhlert is part of the larger Hürtgenwald Forest, between the villages of Vossenack and Schmidt, or the Kall stream and the Rur dam. It is just outside the Eifel National Park, which also means that it is less frequently visited. Different starting points are possible, for example in Kommerscheidt or Simonskall. We chose...
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Mai 21
Eifel   T1  
21 Mai 18
Erkensruhr und Dreiborner Hochfläche
Einruhr is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Eifel Nature Park. It is in a great location, at one of the salients of the Rur dam, connected to the village of Rurberg and Urft dam via a cruise on the regular steamer (in fact, a battery-powered ship). It is also in hiking distance to Vogelsang, the center of the...
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Mai 19
Eifel   T1  
19 Mai 18
3 times Kermeter
The Kermeter range is home to one of the largest deciduous forest areas west of the Rhine. It is also one of the key areas of the Eifel nature park. On three sides, it is encircled by the reservoirs of the Rur and Urft. We selected this hike as a training hike, with the aim of more than 700 meters elevation gain. For this, we...
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