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Glarus   T2  
14 Jun 09
Initially we wanted to go both to Rautispitz and Wiggis, but being lazy decided not to cross the frozen snow bit (that's mid-June; snow is seen on the pictures) on the way to Wiggis peak, and did only Rautispitz. Other photographs are at picasa.
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Mittelwallis   T3  
15 Aug 09
Zinal - Cabane du Mountet CAS - Cabane de Tracuit CAS - Zinal (2 days)
Start: on Sat around 2pm from Zinal (parking at the south end of the village), walked up to Cabane du Mountet CAS in about 4:50h; dinner and overnight stay in the Cabane. On Sun left around 7:30am, descended almost all way down to Zinal, and then went up to the Roc de la Vache and further up to the Cabane de Tracuit CAS. About 7...
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Boka Kotorska   T2  
2 Mär 08
Sveti Andrija on Vranovo Brdo
Donji Orahovac is situated on the Risan-Kotor road. The ascent starts by a road towards Sveti Nikola church. Then continue up the road and join the coastal path. A possible 10 minutes off-side sojourn leads to former police guardjard Ježević. The coastal path leads further to villages Klajevići, Stepen, and a group of villages...
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Oberwallis   T3  
23 Aug 08
Üssers Barrhorn via Turtmannhütte SAC
We left Gruben about 10:30pm on Friday night and drove up to Vorder Sänntum, parked and walked along the lakes to Turtmannhütte SAC, in a beautiful rainy and foggy and occasionally starry night. On Saturday morning we went from Turtmannhütte SAC through Gässi up to Üssers Barrhorn. Luckily, it was not...
Publiziert von chrn 27. August 2008 um 16:17
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