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Jan 21
Sottoceneri   T1  
21 Jan 18
Monte San Giorgio, a stroll
Going up to Monte San Giorgio is nothing more than a comfortable walk, however you decide to take it. Fame to this mountain arrived in 2003, when it became a Unesco site thanks to the outstanding prehistoric (Triassic) findings. Having in mind the report by paoloski (and with today’s limited available time), we chose to start...
Published by brunoz 23 January 2018, 13h31 (Photos:18 | Comments:2)
Aug 20
Sottoceneri   T1  
20 Aug 17
Monte Bar & Caval Drossa... ever windy!
Hi there! So, this is just a stroll, an easy walk maybe not deserving to be reported, but still there are points of interest to talk about. First of all this hike offers magnificent all-round views. Then, if you do not wish a crowd extravaganza, you may choose some ascending options providing a more relaxed atmosphere. And, yes, I...
Published by brunoz 22 August 2017, 11h59 (Photos:19)
Jun 16
Sottoceneri   T1  
16 Jun 17
Caval Drossa
Caval Drossa is a diminutive peak located close to Lugano, but dwarfed by the far more visited Monte Bar. The combination of including both peaks in a unique hike is quite popular. For personal reasons I have not considered returning to Monte Bar (reached in December 2008, ages ago!). Therefore the brief tour up to Caval Drossa...
Published by brunoz 17 June 2017, 17h05 (Photos:31)
May 25
Sottoceneri   T2  
25 May 14
Pizzo di Corgella
Pizzo di Corgella is a minor peak neighboured (and dwarfed) by the far more glamorous Camoghè. Nevertheless it offers an exceptionally vast view over a large portion of the Tessin Alps (well, provided weather assists conveniently, which was not entirely our case) and therefore deserves a visit. You drive up the charming Valle...
Published by brunoz 29 May 2014, 12h36 (Photos:27)