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Piemonte   T3  
12 May 19
Pizzo Marona (windy)
Ascent to Pizzo Marona, within the “Mountain Safety” course of CAI’s Laveno section. Pizzo Marona is the minor brother of the far more glamourous Monte Zeda, in the heart of the wild Val Grande. Not at all an easy stroll! We (Massimo, Giangi, Camilla, Ivan, Andrea and myself) departed from the comfortable parking area at...
Published by brunoz 14 May 2019, 15h14 (Photos:22)
Oberengadin   WT1  
23 Dec 18
Spent a few days in Davos, mainly targeted to a fully relaxed attitude. Still, we tought giving our snowshoes some excitment. Therefore, a mild hike was organized and we set off from Davos-Dorf to the south-eastern bank of the Davoser See. The path is a true family-promenade all the way. You may get to encounter squirrels and...
Published by brunoz 3 January 2019, 13h13 (Photos:14)
Lombardy   T5  
9 Sep 18
Sasso Moro
This is a mountain that stands in a privileged off-line position to offer the all-round vision of most of the Bernina group peaks, and beyond. But Sasso Moro demands for some effort if you want to summit it. As it happens, the only “normal” route departs from Forcella di Fellaria, and rides, roughly, the NW ridge. A couple...
Published by brunoz 13 September 2018, 09h59 (Photos:36)
Locarnese   T3  
21 Aug 18
Pizzo Cramalina
Pizzo Cramalina is a peak located between Vallle di Vergeletto, Valle di Lodano and Valle del Soladino. The easiest access is surely via Valle di Vergeletto. Easy, but not exactly straightforward, as I will detail. Leaving the parking area by the church of Gresso, you have panels having you to immediately get into the wood,...
Published by brunoz 28 August 2018, 13h27 (Photos:24)
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