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Locarnese   T3  
13 Aug 17
Pizzo di Vogorno
Pizzo di Vogorno, towering over Locarno, is a much visited summit, you may tell by the number of entries on the summit book. Nevertheless it does require some effort, any route you would decide to undertake. Hikr bears quite a few reports, so I cannot reallyadd much to what has already been written. We started off from Monti della...
Publiziert von brunoz 15. August 2017 um 12:18 (Fotos:36)
Sottoceneri   T1  
16 Jun 17
Caval Drossa
Caval Drossa is a diminutive peak located close to Lugano, but dwarfed by the far more visited Monte Bar. The combination of including both peaks in a unique hike is quite popular. For personal reasons I have not considered returning to Monte Bar (reached in December 2008, ages ago!). Therefore the brief tour up to Caval Drossa...
Publiziert von brunoz 17. Juni 2017 um 17:05 (Fotos:31)
Bellinzonese   T1  
26 Mai 17
Pizzo di Nara
The Leventina-Blenio ridge offers a large choice of hikes, most of which are absolutely straightforward, suitable for short-timers, thus providing the most stunning views. Pizzo di Nara is a modest peak, very easily reached from all possible routes. Unlike the majority of my hikes, (and only thanks to Mad, my partner) I got to...
Publiziert von brunoz 28. Mai 2017 um 16:49 (Fotos:24)
Misox   WT1  
10 Mär 17
San Bernardino pass (and wind)
It has been a very, very long time since we last hiked on snowshoes. Finally the day has come! An easy, very straight forward thing, just to enjoy the day without too much sweat. San Bernardino is (to me) one of the loveliest places in the Alps, providing the most varied choice in any season and for any mountaineering skill. One...
Publiziert von brunoz 12. März 2017 um 18:01 (Fotos:16)
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