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Locarnese   T2  
7 Jul 18
Capanna Cristallina
The Cristallina area is a true hiker-paradise. Still, I had never been to the Cristallina hut. Plan was to add the simple ascent to Cima di Lago, but the day worked out differently. Anyway, there is little to say about getting to the hut, lots of reports. We parked at Lago Scuro, then went up to the Naret dam and contoured the...
Publiziert von brunoz 19. Juli 2018 um 13:06 (Fotos:17)
Sottoceneri   T1  
21 Jan 18
Monte San Giorgio, a stroll
Going up to Monte San Giorgio is nothing more than a comfortable walk, however you decide to take it. Fame to this mountain arrived in 2003, when it became a Unesco site thanks to the outstanding prehistoric (Triassic) findings. Having in mind the report by paoloski (and with today’s limited available time), we chose to start...
Publiziert von brunoz 23. Januar 2018 um 13:31 (Fotos:18 | Kommentare:2)
Misox   T3  
12 Okt 17
Piz de Calvaresc
I have been planning Piz de l’Ardion (yes) for quite a while. It seemed the right time, but I discovered that the paved road ascending from Soazza to Alp the Bec can be undertaken only upon specific permit release, which makes a 20CHF expense. Wow, I drove twice up to Alp de Bec not knowing... will not do that again, not for me....
Publiziert von brunoz 13. Oktober 2017 um 23:34 (Fotos:29)
Locarnese   T4-  
13 Sep 17
Madòm da Sgiòf (wow!)
Wow! What a hike! Considering the only decent weather slot of the week available, we thought giving a try to this peak, having in mind the chance of viewing the magnificence of Poncione d’Alnasca from a privileged point. Well, Hikr bears a number of reports to Madòm da Sgiòf, so we knew for good all what was to be expected,...
Publiziert von brunoz 14. September 2017 um 20:01 (Fotos:45)
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