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Avers   T3  
25 Sep 16
Wish, wish... Gletscherhorn!!
What a wonderful peak! Gletscherhorn is located in Grisons, deep into the Bergalga valley, which is one of the main valleys of the Avers environment. Gletscherhorn was on the wish-list since 1999, when A.Gogna’s and A. Recalcati’s “Mesolcina e Spluga” CAI guide was first issued. Decision was made Thursday evening: “Ok,...
Publiziert von brunoz 27. September 2016 um 14:05 (Fotos:36 | Kommentare:4)
Bellinzonese   T2  
11 Okt 15
Cima di Filo
Of the three summits enclosing the Tremorgio lake, Cima di Filo is definitely the dwarf, but nevertheless it’s a largely easy hike and most rewarding. There are a couple of options to getup there: from the lake (which can be reached by the cableway from Rodi) or from Dalpe, with a little more effort. Eitherway you would have to...
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Locarnese   T3+  
30 Aug 15
Floriano. Although we lived pretty close to each other and shared the same love for the Tessiner Alps, we never actually met. This to my regret. I came to know about him looking for info on Piz Rondadura. When he left us, I thought I would virtually meet him by climbing Piz Rondadura. I gave it a try, but that was the wrong day...
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Misox   T3  
20 Aug 15
Piz Uccello N
Hi! After last year's failure, I came back for a further attempt to this much wanted summit, having learned (maybe) from my previous errors. The southern summit of Piz Uccello is what strikes when you reach San Bernardino and, although slightly lower than the northern summit, it is by far more visited. So, San Bernardino is...
Publiziert von brunoz 31. August 2015 um 23:13 (Fotos:22 | Kommentare:2)
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