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Tampere   T1 6b  
14 Jul 11
Mustalaisvuori, Viitapohja
Climbing area routes from 4+ to 7a see 27crags.com: Sicamiehiä, Sport, 6b Kultainen keskitie, Sport, 5+ Vasen väärä, Traditional, 4+ (Can be protected with the bolts of Kultainen keskitie) Kynnenleikkaaja, Sport, 7a Sormenleikkaaja, Sport, 6a Sormenleikkaaja direct, Sport, 7a+...
Publiziert von Tampere 24. Mai 2012 um 09:43
Sastamala   T1  
26 Jun 11
Pirunvuori - Sastamala
Nice hiking track up to Pirunvuori from where spectatular schenary to lakes. Partially track is a skiing track on wintertime and in the end of the route are rather big rocks. Anyway very easy to hike up.
Publiziert von Tampere 27. Juni 2011 um 13:18
Jungfraugebiet   ZS  
22 Aug 10
Jungfrau (4156 m)
Route up From Mönchjochhütte to Jungfrau via Jungfraufirm (SAC 206.1) took about three and half hours (3.5h), We started around 3:30 and where at peak at 7:00. Climbingvise route is not very demanding. Only some short climbing sections when entering the rock after Jungfraufirm. At upper section steepness is about 55...
Publiziert von Tampere 23. August 2010 um 22:40 (Fotos:4)
Jungfraugebiet   ZS 4+  
21 Aug 10
Mönch (4107 m)
Approach First train up from Grindelwald Jungfraujoch at 7:25 at Jungfrau at 9:00 Route From Jungfraujoch to Mönch via South-West ridge (SAC 216.5) took about three hours (3h), We started around 9:30 and where at peak at 12:30. Climbingvise route is not very demanding (would be around 4a) but there are no much hooks...
Publiziert von Tampere 23. August 2010 um 21:48 (Fotos:4)
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