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18 Jul 18
Leh- Nubra Valley-Pangong TSO
This trip was taken between 17th July 2018 to 21st July 2018. Trip includes heights ranging from 10000 ft to 18000 ft. Breathtaking views from the enchanted land of Laddakh, a part of the old Silk Route.
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3 Dez 13
Tawang... The Heavenly abode.....
Tawang .... a remote place in the North East Indian state Arunachal Pradesh. A place known for tranquility, spiritualism and breath taking natural beauty. Road to Tawang is not for faint hearted, as it is full of twists and turns and also narrow, barely enough for one vehicle at some places. However, such arduous journey has its...
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India   T1  
3 Mai 12
Gorkhaland Hills
This hike was undertaken between 3rd May to 8th May. We covered the awesome Gorkhaland hills during this travel which is very rich in flora and fauna apart from its spiritual richness. The serenity of this place makes one feel in heaven. Having a moderate climate, often pleasant, its a paradise. Many foreigners do stay here for a...
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