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Davos   WS-  
18 Nov 17
Pischagrat and Mattjisch Tälli - ski tour
Early season opener ski tour in the Pischa area. Perfect weather with blue skies and light winds. Mixed snow conditions, but quite a lot of powder after all! I started my ski tour at 9:00 in the morning at the parking lot for the Pischa aerial cable car. The temperature was -4°C when I started. I followed the (snow-covered)...
Publiziert von Roald 18. November 2017 um 21:59 (Fotos:21 | Geodaten:1)
Oberhalbstein   T3+ L  
3 Nov 17
Corn Alv (2992 m) and Piz Campagnung (2825 m)
This was a really nice hike in picture perfect weather with blue skies and not a single cloud! Amazing weather and mild temperatures given that we are already in November. Start of the hike at 09:15 at the Julier pass road (La Veduta). The temperature was about -2°C, but as soon as I started hiking it felt much warmer in the...
Publiziert von Roald 3. November 2017 um 21:36 (Fotos:28 | Geodaten:1)
Schwyz   T3+  
1 Nov 17
Schiberg (2043 m) - hike from Wägitalersee
This was a very nice hike to Schiberg (2043 m) together with my friend Stephen. We started at the lake Wägitalersee, and followed the white-red-white marked trail to the summit of Schiberg. We spotted quite a few chamois on the way, but they were all pretty far away. The weather was great, and even if we are now in...
Publiziert von Roald 2. November 2017 um 08:39 (Fotos:13 | Geodaten:1)
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