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Davos   T3  
21 Mai 17
Hike to Seehorn & Hüreli (Davos)
Seehorn (2238 m) and Hüreli (2444 m) are two peaks very close to Davos. In fact, I started my hike at the lake in Davos. I followed the marked trail to Chaltboden, and then to Seehorn. Just before the summit, I had to cross 2-3 snowfields, but it was easy since I could follow the tracks of others who had been there yesterday(?)....
Publiziert von Roald 21. Mai 2017 um 20:16 (Fotos:26 | Geodaten:1)
Davos   WS-  
5 Mai 17
Ski tour to Jörihorn (2844 m)
Start at Wägerhus (elevation 2000 m) at 09:30. The temperature was around freezing, or slightly below. My initial plan was to park at Wägerhütta (elevation 2200 m), but that parking lot was partially covered with snow and there were no parking spots left when I arrived. So I turned around and parked further down, and made a...
Publiziert von Roald 5. Mai 2017 um 22:19 (Fotos:21 | Geodaten:1)
St.Gallen   L  
29 Apr 17
Ski tour in Flumserberg - powder on April 29th!
Start at Tannenbodenalp at 13:00, the temperature was +4°C. It was of course quite late in the day for a ski tour, but I assumed conditions would remain favorable due to the cold temperatures. And in fact, above 1600 m there was still powder on north facing slopes in the late afternoon! I went from Tannenbodenalp to Chrüz,...
Publiziert von Roald 29. April 2017 um 21:20 (Fotos:19 | Geodaten:1)
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