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Oberhalbstein   T4-  
23 Jun 18
Piz Turba (3017 m) - bike & hike from Bivio
Piz Turba is a mountain at the border between the regions Avers, Bergell, and Oberhalbstein. Start of the hike at 8:20 in Bivio. The weather was perfect with blue skies! I brought my mountain bike along. Going uphill, I partially biked, and partially walked the bike. The road to the Septimer pass is paved for 1.5 km, the rest...
Publiziert von Roald 23. Juni 2018 um 21:00 (Fotos:34 | Geodaten:1)
Oberhalbstein   T4+  
22 Jun 18
Piz d'Emmat Dadora (2850 m)
Start of the hike at 10:00 in the morning. There was quite thick fog at that time, and I already lost my way after a few hundred meters. Eventually I got back on track, but it cost me half an hour extra... But the fog soon started to disappear, and the weather became much better. I followed the wrw marked trail up to elevation...
Publiziert von Roald 22. Juni 2018 um 22:17 (Fotos:24 | Geodaten:1)
Oberhalbstein   T4- L  
16 Jun 18
Piz Spegnas (2620 m) - easy, but steep and dangerous
Piz Spegnas (2620 m) is a rather unknown peak approx. 2 km NE of Piz Arblatsch. So far there was only one report here on hikr.org about Piz Spegnas, and it's already six years old! I chose to start at P.1427 at the main road between Rona and Mulegns. It is possible to park right where the unpaved forest road up to Nascharegnas...
Publiziert von Roald 16. Juni 2018 um 22:48 (Fotos:20 | Geodaten:1)
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