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St.Gallen   T2 L  
11 Nov 18
Bike & hike in Flumserberg
This time of the year the Flumserberg area is pretty much deserted. Currently none of the lifts are operating. I only met a few people while biking, and during the hike I didn't meet anyone, even though I mostly followed the white-red-white (wrw) marked trails. I started off with the mountain bike from Tannenbodenalp at 8:30...
Publiziert von Roald 11. November 2018 um 21:20 (Fotos:24 | Geodaten:1)
St.Gallen   T3+ L  
4 Nov 18
Höchst (2024 m) - bike & hike from Walenstadt
Höchst is a mountain peak between Tristencholben and Sichelchamm. It is not very prominent, but still offers a great view! The mountain can be reached on a white-red-white (wrw) marked trail, either from the east or from the west. My route was Walenstadt - Lüsis - Nideri - Höchst, and the same way back. I started my hike at...
Publiziert von Roald 4. November 2018 um 20:39 (Fotos:24 | Geodaten:1)
Glarus   T3+  
21 Okt 18
Gufelstock & Schwarzstöckli - hike from Bärenboden
Nice hike to Gufelstock & Schwarzstöckli. It was partially cloudy in the early morning, but it became nice and sunny before noon. Generally, I followed the wrw marked trails. Exception: The trail from Gufelstock via Höch, and Chli Höch to Heustock is marked white-blue-white. But it is not (yet) included as such on the...
Publiziert von Roald 21. Oktober 2018 um 19:24 (Fotos:23 | Kommentare:3 | Geodaten:1)
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