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Oberhalbstein   T4 I  
1 Nov 16
Motta Palousa, Crap la Massa, and P.2687 (above Crap Neir)
I thought this might be the last day for a nice autumn mountain hike before the winter comes. Starting point was at the parking lot close to Promastgel at elevation 1635 m, and I followed the marked trail to Motta Palousa (T2). Actually, the trail is an unpaved forest road until elevation 2000 m, and it would be easily possible to...
Publiziert von Roald 2. November 2016 um 20:10 (Fotos:35 | Geodaten:1)
Glarus   T4  
16 Okt 16
On the ridge from Fanenstock (2235 m) to Foostock (2611 m)
I started this hike in Elm right where the aerial cable way starts (Tschinglenbahn). It was only about 5° C when I started at 8:00 in the morning, and the first 1 h 20 min of the ascent took place in the shade. The trail to Fanenstock (2235 m) is marked white-red-white and is easy to follow (T2). After a short photo stop at...
Publiziert von Roald 17. Oktober 2016 um 22:03 (Fotos:46 | Kommentare:1 | Geodaten:1)
Lenzerheide   T4+ I  
24 Sep 16
Pizza Naira and Aroser Rothorn
I started out in Lenzerheide, hiking up towards Alp Sanaspans on the marked trail. During the first part through the residential area I had some difficulty finding the right way, but eventually I made it onto the trail to Alp Sanaspans (T2, maybe T3 in a few places). From Alp Sanaspans on the marked trail in direction...
Publiziert von Roald 25. September 2016 um 15:15 (Fotos:39 | Geodaten:1)
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