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India   WI3  
17 Jan 14
Ice-climbing in India (Spiti Valley, HP)
Trip report of a 2 weekexploratoryice-climbing trip to Spiti in January. I use the word exploratory because hardly anyone in this remote area had heard of ice-climbing! We had to describe what we meant by waterfall ice while doing inquiries locally on our own. I was not aware of any other potential place for ice-climbing in India,...
Published by Lone Ranger 23 March 2014, 11h49 (Photos:1)
India   T3 VI  
10 May 13
Leh, Ladakh, India
Hi, This is a brief overview of a month long climbing, cycling, hiking holiday I took in 2013. Thought I'd just share a teaser; anyone from the Hikr community wants more info, feel free to ask me for more info. Leh is now a very busy and fairly polluted city due to influx of a large number of tourits. Unfortunately, tourism in...
Published by Lone Ranger 23 March 2014, 10h09 (Photos:1)
Jungfraugebiet   PD+ II  
23 Sep 11
Monch: My last for this season
Movie After yesterday's 10 hour day at Trugberg NE Face, I was looking for a relaxing short route and to go home. Monch SE Ridge (normal route) is an objectively safe climb, a very popular one, route finding is easy. I enjoyed it, we were on the summit in about 2 h 15 mins, spent a very relaxing time on the summit on a...
Published by Lone Ranger 26 September 2011, 21h33 (Photos:11 | Comments:2)
Jungfraugebiet   D II WI3  
22 Sep 11
Trugberg NE Face
Video preview Background: Ron and I had originally planned to do NE Face of Monch, rated D,but when we reached the hut and saw this NE face of Trugberg so temptingly close (15mins approach hike compared to 2 hours for Monch NE Face), we changed our mind. The fact that neither of us had read any reports/guides about this route...
Published by Lone Ranger 26 September 2011, 21h11 (Photos:24)
Chamonix   D+ III WI3  
15 Sep 11
Adventure on Tour Ronde North Face
This is one of those adventures that you unknowingly or unwillingly get into, but feel so happy and proud of when you come out of it unscathed! Ron is an Israeli climber with about 8 years of climbing experience in the US, and had done North faces up to TD- in the Alps. I am relatively raw, with just over a year of climbing...
Published by Lone Ranger 19 September 2011, 14h22 (Photos:9 | Comments:4)
Berninagebiet   AD III  
30 Aug 11
Biancograt (Piz Bernina) - Piz Palu Traverse
Biancograt is considered to be the most beautiful route in the AD grade in the whole Alps! I undertook it within a 3-day climbing trip, of which the first day is described here: Day 1: Boval hut - Piz Morteratsch- Tschierva Hut with Roger Day 2: Tscheirva hut- Piz Bernina/Biancograt - Marco e Rosa hut (This trip report; the...
Published by Lone Ranger 1 September 2011, 11h29 (Photos:26 | Comments:5)
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