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Lechtaler Alpen   T5 II  
20 Aug 18
Dremelspitze (2733m) - One of our main goals
One mountain we’ve always dreamt of climbing since we went on holidays in the Lechtal in the 90s, was the Dremelspitze. When we started climbing a couple of years ago, we had this peak in mind as one of our main goals. After starting with some less difficult summits in the vicinity, this year we thought ourselves to be ready for...
Publiziert von NL1987 25. November 2018 um 12:51 (Fotos:30 | Kommentare:1)
Lechtaler Alpen   T4 I  
18 Aug 18
Hinterer Scharnitzkopf (2554m) - Quick and rewarding
After the Brunnkarspitze from the day previous we wanted to do something quick and easy. As my brother had never been on the Scharnitzsattel before, I came up with this idea. We parked at the Hahntennjochstraße and from there walked into the Hahntennkar towards the 550 meter higher Scharnitzsattele. The first meters are through...
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Lechtaler Alpen   T5 II  
17 Aug 18
Brunnkarspitze (2609m) - An excellent tour to start the summer holidays
Our first report on and our first tour in the summer of 2018. We’ve been spending our summer holidays for the last years in the beautiful surroundings of Boden and Pfafflar. Although we’ve made a few tours, we never thought of posting them online. For all of our tours we have always examined the detailed reports from...
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