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St.Gallen   T3  
22 Jul 13
Weistannen to Elm (Glarus)
The trip up to the Foo Pass from Weisstannen is more interesting than the somewhat steep descent to Elm on the other side. From Vorsiez on you'll be in some lovely woods for a while, then climb out and go over the first pass, which I thought was the Foo Pass. As if. Once you've ascended you can see the higher mountains waiting....
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St.Gallen   T2  
7 Jul 13
Ober Toggenburg
Started off in Voralp See and had a cappucino to get ready. The path to the left of the cattle guard goes to the car park and to the old Kurhaus. There are two paths to the left of the Kurhaus; take the one that ascends up, not the paved road that states Wildhaus 2 hours. That path leads up to Alte Hutten and the Obersess. At the...
Publiziert von GEM 9. Juli 2013 um 10:31 (Fotos:3)
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