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Glarus   T2  
14 Jun 09
Initially we wanted to go both to Rautispitz and Wiggis, but being lazy decided not to cross the frozen snow bit (that's mid-June; snow is seen on the pictures) on the way to Wiggis peak, and did only Rautispitz. Other photographs are at picasa.
Publiziert von chrn 21. August 2009 um 15:25 (Fotos:5)
Kola peninsula    
7 Jul 05
That was the first real mountain hike for the kids whom we started teaching in 2004. Khibiny are perfect for such occations: they're not high (1200m is the highest point), but pretty nice and sometimes challenging. They're also behind the polar circle, so if you go there in summer, the sun will be above the horizon for you 24/7....
Publiziert von Aldanur 13. Juni 2009 um 20:18 (Fotos:30)
8 Jul 06
Almaty - Issyk-kul
In 2006 I was teaching Math & Computer Science at the Moscow State 57th school. We have a tradition of taking the school kids to hiking trips, so this was their big summer trip to Tian Shan. This trail is pretty easy, but reaching 4 km and featuring some very beautiful views like the amazing Jassyk-Kel lake. This year the...
Publiziert von Aldanur 12. Juni 2009 um 14:11 (Fotos:21)
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