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California   T3+  
16 Sep 16
Highland Peak - pretty high land up there!
What's special about 10935 feet? Nothing really, except if you convert it to meters, you end up with the "pretty number" 3333. Well that's the height of Highland Peak, my goal for the day. This peak also has a pretty high prominence of 2456 ft, so the view up there is expected to be quite impressive. One more time, the...
Published by 360 20 September 2016, 04h30 (Photos:20 | Comments:2 | Geodata:1)
California   T4 I  
9 Sep 16
Silver Peak(s)
Today's prerequisites were very similar like last week's: not too much time and a hike in the Toiyabe National Forest. Today I wanted to make sure to reach my goal(s) and set the expectations way lower than last week: Silver Peak, in fact both peaks from the Noble Creek Trail head. Studying the topo-map and report on summitpost...
Published by 360 12 September 2016, 21h37 (Photos:20 | Geodata:1)
California   T3  
2 Sep 16
Tryon Peak - a little less than what I had planned
I had planned to do a hike & bike combination from Ebbetts Pass to Tryon -, Highland - and Silver Peak, then drop down to Noble Canyon and State Route 4 and ride my bike (which I left there before the hike) back up to Ebbetts Pass. Quite a program for the little time I had today. Well, due to a combination of lack of fitness...
Published by 360 5 September 2016, 18h37 (Photos:23 | Geodata:1)
California   T4-  
26 Aug 16
Bull Run Peak via Pacific Valley
Bull Run Peak caught my attention at the shore of Lower Blue Lake at the end of my tour to Deadwood Peak. At the time I had no idea which peak it was, but thanks to the udeuschle website, I was able to figure it out. On this day I actually had different plans to do an easy short hike with a friend. However, when I wanted to pick...
Published by 360 29 August 2016, 01h13 (Photos:18 | Geodata:1)
California   T4+  
5 Aug 16
Pyramid Peak revisited
Pyramid Peak was the first peak I visited after moving to California, almost 3 years ago. Looking for some more workout with quite some altitude gain, I decided to go back and pay it another visit. This time I decided to walk up via Rocky Canyon (my way down the last time) and check out the north ridge for my way down and later...
Published by 360 23 August 2016, 02h52 (Photos:24 | Geodata:1)
California   T3  
29 Jul 16
Freel Peak and Jobs Sister
I wanted to find out how much my rather unacceptable fitness level improved in the last few weeks and didn't have much time to prepare some "fancy hike". Therefore, I decided to do a variation of a hike I have done before. Climbing Freel Peak from Horse Meadow make an altitude gain of about 2500 ft and I should get an idea how...
Published by 360 22 August 2016, 19h08 (Photos:24 | Geodata:1)
California   T2  
13 Jul 16
Twin Peaks - A prime viewpoint in San Francisco
There are quite a few mountains called "Twin Peaks" in the US, but the "double hill" in San Francisco is most likely the one which is known best. It is located near the geographic center of SF and offers spectacular views over the city, the many bridges, the Bay and the Pacific ocean. The hike up to the tops is very short because...
Published by 360 22 August 2016, 16h38 (Photos:7 | Geodata:1)
California   T3+  
8 Jul 16
Deadwood Peak from Blue Lakes
Deadwood Peak didn't really show up on "my radar" until now, but I am almost running out of peaks which make sense for me to do as "day hikes" (meaning: leave home early in the morning, drive not much more than about 2 hours, hike and then return home the same day). Deadwood Peak is one of the few left on this list. After reading...
Published by 360 22 August 2016, 06h18 (Photos:15 | Geodata:1)
California   T3  
3 Jul 16
Cerro Cabrillo and Black Hill - 2 more "Sisters"
The chain of hills between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay is referred to as the Nine Sisters. During a previous visit of San Luis Obispo I already climbed two of then: Bishop Peak and Mount Madonna. This time I wanted to pay a visit to the 2 sisters which are closest to Morro Rock: Cerro Cabrillo and Black Hill. My starting...
Published by 360 10 August 2016, 18h14 (Photos:18 | Geodata:2)
California   T2  
2 Jul 16
Cerro Alto
During an extended weekend in the vicinity of Morro Bay we decided to climb a few of the many "Cerros" in this area. "Cerro" is the Spanish word for "Hill" and since this part of California has a lot of Mexican roots, most of the hills here are named Cerro "Something". As "Alto" in "Cerro Alto" suggest, the hill we climbed today...
Published by 360 10 August 2016, 17h04 (Photos:13 | Geodata:1)
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Why 360?

As most of you probably noticed I am a big fan of 360 panoramas - that's of course why I chose 360 as my hikr username.

I create these panoramas by taking approximately 15-20 pictures (orientation portrait) all the way around in a circle. Sometimes I use a tripod but often I don't. In order to stitch the single images to one picture, I use the software The Panorama Factory. It also offers the option to create quicktime virtual realities (QTVR), where you can zoom in and out and interactively turn around. However, I usually use Pano2QTVR to create QTVR represantations of the jpg images.

In order to view these panoramas you need the quicktime plugin from apple.

Link to all my QTVR

Download Quicktime: Get the QuickTime plugin.

Wie die meisten von Euch wohl schon bemerkt haben bin ich ein grosser Fan von 360 Grad Panoramas - und dies ist auch der Grund warum ich 360 als Benutzernamen gewählt habe.

Ich kriege relativ viele Anfragen wie ich diese 360 Grad Panoramas denn mache. Hier deshalb eine kurze Anleitung.

Zuerst mache ich ca. 15-20 Fotos (im Hochformat) während ich mich langsam um die eigene Achse drehe. Dabei achte ich darauf, dass die einzelnen Fotos eine gute Überlappung haben. (Selten benutze ich dafür ein Stativ, meist mache ich dies freihändig.)

Um die Bilder dann zu einem einzigem Bild einem "flachen 360 Grad Bild" zusammenzufügen, benutze ich das Programm The Panorama Factory.

Die sogenannten Quick Time Virtual Reality Bilder, bei denen man sich drehen und rein- und rauszoomen kann, erstelle ich aus diesen "flachen 360-ies" dann jeweils mit dem Programm Pano2QTVR. (Dieses Programm gibt es leider nur für Windows kostenos.)

Um diese OTVR 360 Grad Panoramas anzuschauen braucht man das quicktime Plugin von Apple.

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