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Schwyz   T6 II  
6 Jun 07
Following Omega3's route to Höch Hund and Chläbdächer
Ever since I met Delta on the summit of Twäriberg on June 30, 2004 on his first encounter with the Hintere Graete im Sihltal and he told me "how surprisingly easy it was" I wanted to go there too. Today it finally happened!I more or less followed Omega3's route described here. Thanks for writing and exploring this...
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California   T3 WS  
10 Mai 18
Do they make crampons for dogs?
Since I'm still employed in Switzerland, I get the Swiss Holidays off at work even though I live in California. This has advantages and disadvantages. One of advantages is that on those Swiss Holidays almost nobody has the day off in the US and therefore, it's hardly ever crowded, neither on the roads nor in the mountains. If you...
Publiziert von 360 16. Mai 2018 um 22:55 (Fotos:22 | Geodaten:4)
California   T4+ WS  
4 Mai 18
Woods Lake a nice alternative start for a ski tour to Round Top
As you might have noticed by now, Round Top is one of my favorite goals in winter and summer. So far my starting point for this tour has always been Carson Pass. For back-country ski tours the section from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake is somewhat sub-optimal. The main reason is that this part is rather flat with only little gain...
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California   ZS  
27 Apr 18
Plan B: Thimble Peak - a worthy alternative to the original plan
Whenever I drive to Carson pass from east during the winter, I see the nice east facing slopes of Red Lake - and Stevens Peak, which look very inviting for skiing. David Wonser praises Red Lake Peak's east face on his website as "some of the best corn skiing terrain in Carson Pass". And that's exactly what my plan was for the day....
Publiziert von 360 1. Mai 2018 um 16:10 (Fotos:12 | Geodaten:1)
Nevada   WS+  
20 Apr 18
Relay - and Incline Peak - a very scenic backcountry ski tour
Same setup as last week with the difference that I wanted to ski a little more. Almost the same start, just "the other" pull-out on Highway 431 at Incline Lake. My goal today was Relay Peak via the west ridge, ski down to Ginny Lake, skin up to Incline Peak and then back to the car via the same route as last week to Incline Lake....
Publiziert von 360 30. April 2018 um 20:12 (Fotos:10 | Geodaten:1)
Nevada   WS  
13 Apr 18
Incline Peak
After a very slow start to the winter 2017/18 with very little precipitation, the Sierra Nevada received a lot of snow in the last weeks to reach an almost average snow-pack by now. This finally gave me the chance to open the ski tour season. This tour had to be short and sweet for many reasons and was also meant to find out what...
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California   T1  
14 Jan 18
Pick me up at the Negro Bar
What sounds like a politically incorrect statement is what I told my wife the other day: "Can you pick me up at the Negro Bar?" However, I didn't go out to have a drink in a bar, but asked her to pick me up at the "Negro Bar" State Park, after I walked there from home. "Negro Bar" is the site which was mined by African...
Publiziert von 360 18. Januar 2018 um 20:18 (Fotos:43 | Geodaten:24)
California   T4- WT1  
15 Dez 17
Phipps Peak - A nice snowshoe & hike roundtrip from Emerald Bay
California's weather is currently influenced by a so-called "blocking high" off the Atlantic coast which brought us nice warm and sunny T-Shirt days down in the valley for almost all of December so far (and it doesn't look like it will change any time soon). Unfortunately this prevents the winter storms from rolling in and the...
Publiziert von 360 18. Dezember 2017 um 16:42 (Fotos:20 | Geodaten:1)
California   WT2  
8 Dez 17
Tells Peak - a "must-climb" Sierra Peak for a Swiss!
After my failed attempt to climb Tells Peak last week I did my home work, studied what went wrong and why I didn't find the Highland Trail. After checking the different topo maps on caltopo.com, I realized that the US-Topo Map which I had with my (and was on my GPS) was outdated and contained an old version of the Highland Trail....
Publiziert von 360 11. Dezember 2017 um 19:54 (Fotos:14 | Geodaten:1)
California   T2  
1 Dez 17
Sun Rock - Stopgap in the Desolation Wilderness
Recently I discovered that the 4 peaks of the extended Crystal Range north of Rockbound Pass (Red -, Silver -, McConnel - and Tells Peak) have a relatively short access from west. The so-called "Ice House Road" from Kyburz to Loon Lake is a regular asphalt road and supposedly plowed all winter long too. The minor single lane...
Publiziert von 360 4. Dezember 2017 um 21:56 (Fotos:9 | Geodaten:1)
California   T4+ WT3  
24 Nov 17
Round Top: Normal Route from Carson Pass
Quick trip to the Sierra to check out the snow situation at Round Top. I should have brought my skis along, because there was more than plenty of the white stuff. Walked from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake to the saddle between The Sisters and Round Top and then via west ridge (snow free) to the top. Back the same way. (For...
Publiziert von 360 27. November 2017 um 04:24 (Fotos:4 | Geodaten:1)
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Why 360?

As most of you probably noticed I am a big fan of 360 panoramas - that's of course why I chose 360 as my hikr username.

I create these panoramas by taking approximately 15-20 pictures (orientation portrait) all the way around in a circle. Sometimes I use a tripod but often I don't. In order to stitch the single images to one picture, I use the software The Panorama Factory. It also offers the option to create quicktime virtual realities (QTVR), where you can zoom in and out and interactively turn around. However, I usually use Pano2QTVR to create QTVR represantations of the jpg images.

In order to view these panoramas you need the quicktime plugin from apple.

Link to all my QTVR

Download Quicktime: Get the QuickTime plugin.

Wie die meisten von Euch wohl schon bemerkt haben bin ich ein grosser Fan von 360 Grad Panoramas - und dies ist auch der Grund warum ich 360 als Benutzernamen gewählt habe.

Ich kriege relativ viele Anfragen wie ich diese 360 Grad Panoramas denn mache. Hier deshalb eine kurze Anleitung.

Zuerst mache ich ca. 15-20 Fotos (im Hochformat) während ich mich langsam um die eigene Achse drehe. Dabei achte ich darauf, dass die einzelnen Fotos eine gute Überlappung haben. (Selten benutze ich dafür ein Stativ, meist mache ich dies freihändig.)

Um die Bilder dann zu einem einzigem Bild einem "flachen 360 Grad Bild" zusammenzufügen, benutze ich das Programm The Panorama Factory.

Die sogenannten Quick Time Virtual Reality Bilder, bei denen man sich drehen und rein- und rauszoomen kann, erstelle ich aus diesen "flachen 360-ies" dann jeweils mit dem Programm Pano2QTVR. (Dieses Programm gibt es leider nur für Windows kostenos.)

Um diese OTVR 360 Grad Panoramas anzuschauen braucht man das quicktime Plugin von Apple.

Link zu all meinen QTVR

* Legal Disclaimer

The author of these reports and/or the publisher of the website hikr.org is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, rescues, inconvenience, or loss of life by anyone attempting any of the hikes, ski - or snowshoe tours on this website.