Monte Tamaro – a spontaneous exploration of the north ridge on a day with extremely clear views

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Tessin » Sottoceneri
Tour Datum:19 November 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T4 - Alpinwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-TI   Gruppo Tamaro-Lema 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Rivera-Bironico
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Quartino, Chiesa

My original plan for this day was to do the Ticino classic from Rivera to Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema and then catch a bus in Miglieglia. However, when I changed train in Bellinzona and looked up to Monte Tamaro the north ridge caught my attention. When I studied it from the train it looked doable all the way down to the Magadino plain. After consulting my maps, I saw that it was mostly pathless there, but it seemed like the drops on the ridge where relatively easy to bypass. Therefore, I decided to change my plans and instead of going to Miglieglia exploring the north ridge all the way down to Quartino – it was a very good decision!

From the train station of cff logo Rivera-Bironico, I fist walked along the marked path towards Alpe Foppa and Monte Tamaro. Shortly after Monti di Spina, I realized that the marked hiking path was kind of boring (for me) and also made big detours. So soon I started taking shortcuts and later took the diretissima up to Alpe Foppa.

I have seen pictures of the Botta church on Alpe Foppa before and was impressed by them already, but seeing it in real life is a whole other story. I couldn’t stop looking at and enjoying this nice piece of architecture (and taking pictures of course). If you’re in the area, it is definitely worth visiting!

When I finally could pull myself away from it, I walked up to Manera directly along the ridge from Alpe Foppa. At this altitude there was about 10-15 cm of snow on the ground (on the northern side only), but it was not a problem. From Manera with its big and ugly TV tower I then continued to Monte Tamaro along the marked path.

What a magnificent view I had! The highest Swiss 4K and the rest of the Alps where as clear as I’ve never seen them from this area, Locarno and the lake seemed so close that I felt like being able to touch them, the Magadino plain was crisp and clear and when looking down to Italy the visibility seemed endless: I clearly saw Monviso for example, way past Torino more than 210 km away! Again, I couldn’t stop looking (and taking pictures).

Once I was done with lunch and ready to go I first walked down to the hut below Monte Tamaro on the marked path. Shortly after the hut the path continues westwards, but I left the path and followed the N-ridge.

The whole N-ridge is actually quite interesting and with very few exceptions I was able to follow it all the way down to Quartino. As almost always it looks more difficult from far away than it actually is. If it gets too difficult anyway, there is always possibilities to bypass it in the east or west flank, but the difficulties are never more than a T4.

The most interesting part of the ridge is clearly the stretch after leaving the path to Poncione del Macello, where you get to scramble a little bit and some places are a little exposed. Here and there I noticed path trace, probably mostly from game but probably also from people. Shortly after Poncione del Macello, all of a sudden I found myself on a marked path (which was not on my map) following the ridge all the way to Poncino della Croce with it’s huge and very shiny cross (the Gifpelbuch is currently missing).

After Poncino della Croce the rige turns north east and is without a marked path again. The first drop can easily be bypassed west and the big drop before Forcarella  in the east flank. Below Forcarella there are clear path  traces at first, later the path is marked with red marks and all of a sudden white/red/white markings lead the way down to Quartino.

Two additional remarks:
-    Besides the chamois, birds, one dog I didn’t see a single soul during the whole hike. If you like solitude on mountains like me it is a good idea to visit Monte Tamaro when the cable car up to Alpe Foppa is not running.
-    Click and Rail rocks! Traveling from Zurich to Ticino for 14 Fr. is a price which can’t be beaten.

cff logo Rivera-Bironico – Soresina – Monti di Spina – Alpe Foppa – (Corte Ai Sopra) – Manera – Rif. Tamaro – Monte Tamaro – P. 1688 – Poncione del Macello – Cimetto – Uomo del Sasso – Poncino della Croce – P. 1164 – P. 1044.6 – Forcarella – P. 804.7 – Al Sasso –Serta – cff logo Quartino, Chiesa

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Fenek hat gesagt: wunderschöne Reportage....
Gesendet am 23. November 2008 um 14:22
über ein beliebtes Ziel. Noch nie so gesehen! Wonderful!

gbal hat gesagt: Very interesting report
Gesendet am 30. November 2009 um 15:03
I read one of most interesting and complete hiking report. I will use it to program an ascent from Quartino to Mount Tamaro next spring, then I will write a new comment with my real impression. With my compliments!

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