2-days hike: from Linthal to Elm via Kistenpasshütte

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Glarus
Tour Datum: 4 Juli 2015
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3+ - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   CH-GR   Hausstockgruppe   Segnas-Vorabgruppe 
Zeitbedarf: 17:30
Aufstieg: 2800 m
Abstieg: 2500 m
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:SBB to Linthal
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:Bus from Elm to Schwanden and SBB
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:Kistenpasshütte (2714 m)

Two hot, summer days of intense hiking. The only way to hide from a heat is to be high enough... So let's go.

Day 1.
Linthal -  Kistenpasshütte (T3+)
6h (walking) + 1.5 h (lunch and beer in Muttseehütte) + 1h to Muttenbergen (2956 m) and back

With SBB from Zurich to Linthal (662 m) and at 9:20 start of hiking. At the beginning there was an easy walk to Obbort, generally through the village with an impressive view. On the way through the forest I passed Furbach (1180 m) with some snow-leftovers, then few rocks secured by chains, and approached Alp Baumgarten (1590 m).

From here you can enjoy a great view into the Linthal valley closed by majestic Todi. Another 270 Hm and after 3h of easy hiking I was next to the Bergstation Bahn Tierfehd-Chalchtrittli (1860 m). If you don't fancy a long hiking at low altitudes you can go from Linthal to Tierfehd (805 m) and take a cable car to Chalchtrittli. As it was a good time for a lunch I found a nice, grassy spot in a shadow and enjoy my Picnic at Hanging Rock...

Full with a new energy I started the second part of the approach. A winding but easy path surprised me at every turn with new and magnificent views and led me to the Muttseehütte, where I stopped for a short beer. The way between Muttseehütte and Kistenpasshütte was generally covered by snow, but easy to walk through. At 16:50 I was at the Kistenpasshütte, where I was greeted by Hansueli. I decided to visit also Muttenbergen (2956 m, T3+), which was just about 200 Hm and about 35 minutes from the hut. The previous path was marked with white-red-white marks, but to reach Muttenbergen you have to follow barely visible path (actually just footprints within loose rocks) w/o marks. From time to time the footprints are not visible but there are also few stone-piles which help to find a way. A breathtaking view from a summit marked with a wooden cross was a great reward after an intensive (about 2500 Hm) hike. Surprisingly warm and peaceful evening at Muttenbergen invited me for a longer contemplation of a panorama, but after a while I descended to the hut looking forward to a diner. In a meanwhile Hansueli prepared a great food, which I enjoyed with another 5 hikers. The diner was followed with a delicious cake with a glass of grappa and a magnificent sunset.

Day 2.
Kistenpasshütte - Elm (T3)
6h (walking time) + 1h (picnic and relax)

Early in the morning, after a breakfast, I continued my hike to Kistenpass and then to Falla Lenn. Artistic sunrise painted all the summits in the vicinity and invited for a lonely hike. Between Falla Lenn and Fuorcla Gavirolas (2528 m) I had some problems to find a path between covered by snow rocky formations, but after 2h30' I reached Fuorcla and enjoyed a second breakfast.

Steep descent led me to Cuolm de Nuorsas (p. 2326), where I followed an easy path to Fluaz and then to Panixer Pass. The famous part of a Suvorow path was steep but quite easy to walk, but very likely when covered by snow can be pretty slippery. Short picnic at Panixerpasshütte was followed by a long but easy descent to Elm. On my way I bought a delicious alpine cheese at Obere Stafel. In Elm I was just before dark and heavy clouds covered the sky. I suppose there was a storm in the evening.

The hike was not technically difficult but long and with a significant  height difference (more than 2500 m ascent in the first day). Great weather, almost deserted paths and beatiful landscapes made this trip memorable.

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