Hörnli via Westwand and over all the hills to the top of Zurich – a surprisingly sunny and warm day

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Zürich
Tour Datum: 5 November 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T5 - anspruchsvolles Alpinwandern
Geo-Tags: Zürcher Oberland   CH-SG   CH-ZH 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Steg
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Fischenthal

I didn’t expect much from the weather on this day, the forecast said something like “föhnige Aufhellungen” but mostly cloudy. So I though I’d give the “classic” amongst the Zürioberland Alpin community the Hörnli Westwand a try and then go home after that. Well, the weather was so gorgeous and warm that I just “couldn’t go home”, but “had to” add a few more peaks in the Zürioberland, including the top of the canton Zurich.

I don’t know the Zürioberland very well and so far wasn’t really interested - where I grew up those "hills" where not really considered as mountains to go to. Now that I live “down there” as well and after all the Zürioberland Alpin posts on hikr I thought I’d give it a try.

The “Hörnli west wall” is described very well by Delta in his report here, and these days it is quite obvious where one needs to go; the path traces are rather clear. The whole wall reminded me a lot of my Albis alpine hikes, except on the Albis you find some sandstone and not so much conglomerate. I agree with Delta’s remark in his last visit a few weeks ago - it is not all that difficult and it’s definitely not a hard T5 (any more) under normal conditions. After reading all the posts I wasn’t sure what to expect so just in case took my pick along. However, I only used it because I had it with me, but wouldn’t have needed it. ossi’s “Gipfelbuch" is still there, in good condition and waiting for more entries...

On the Hörnli, I was very surprised again how warm and sunny it was and really didn’t feel like going home already. I remembered that the Schnebelhorn is the highest point of the canton Zurich and that I have never been on it. A short consultation of the map showed me that the Schnebelhorn is only about 3 hours away and that there are quite a few hills on the way there too. So I walked over to the Schnebelhorn sometimes on the path - most of the time not and walking more or less over every elevation. It is quite pretty and if you follow the path probably only a T2. The exact path was via Chlihörnli – Silberbüel – Ergeten – Regelsberg – Schlattberg – Hulftegg – Chrüzbüel – Älpli – Roten – Hirzegg and then up to the Schnebelhorn.

Since I didn’t bring enough beverages along for a longer hike I went for a drink in the restaurant Tierhag and sat there for quite a while in the warm sun. Since the “bad weather” still didn’t want to come, I also added Hinter Warten and Warten to the list of visited hills for the day and from Stralegg walked along the marked path to Fischenthal.

- “föhnige Aufhellungen” can turn into a very nice sunny day (if you’re lucky)
- Zürioberland Alpin is definitely worth revisiting
- You get funny looks and comments from other hikers, when you walk along T1/2’s with a pick and alpine gear (Somebody asked me if I’m going to the Säntis :-)

cff logo Steg - Lipperschwändi - Nideltobel – Bärtobel – Hörnli Westwand – Hörnli – Chlihörnli – Silberbüel – Ergeten – Regelsberg – Schlattberg – Hulftegg – Chrüzbüel – Älpli – Roten – Hirzegg – Schnebelhorn – Tierhag – Hinter Warten – Warten – Stralegg – Chleger – Orüti – Breitenmatt – Bodmen – cff logo Fischenthal

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Berglurch hat gesagt: Das Wandbuch...
Gesendet am 19. Januar 2009 um 17:16
... ist entweder gut versteckt, oder ich suche an der falschen Stelle. Könntest Du mir nochmal einen Tipp geben, wo ich da suchen muss?



360 Pro hat gesagt: RE:Das Wandbuch...
Gesendet am 19. Januar 2009 um 18:51
ossi's Beschreibung gibt es eigentlich nichts hinzuzufügen. Hast Du sie gelesen und das Buch doch nicht gefunden? Es könnte sein, dass zur Zeit viel Schnee liegt und es deshalb nicht einfach ist es aufzufinden, wenn man nicht weiss wo es liegt...
Gruss 360

Berglurch hat gesagt: RE:Das Wandbuch...
Gesendet am 19. Januar 2009 um 18:57
Okay, danke, ich werds nochmal da versuchen, wo ossi schreibt. Bei meiner ersten Begehung habe ich glaube ich an der ganz falschen Stelle (erst nach dem Nagelfluhaufschwung) gesucht und die letzten Wochen wars wahrscheinlich tatsächlich unter dem Schnee versteckt...


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