Zebra Slot

Published by lexx , 31 October 2008, 23h04.

Region: World » United States » Utah
Date of the hike:28 October 2008
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Time: 3:30
Height gain: 100 m 328 ft.
Height loss: 100 m 328 ft.
Route:Cattleguard at the 'Hole-in-the-rock' road - Halfway Hollow - Harris Wash - Zebra Slot
Access to start point:From Escalante drive 4 km east on Highway 12 and then 12.5 km down the "Hole-in-the-rock road" to the cattleguard, where the trail starts
Accommodation:Escalante: Several Motels availiable
Maps:USGS 7.5 minute squads: Tenmile Flat

The Zebra Slot is one of the nicest canyons in the world because of its unique pink zebra-pattern. One thing that makes it additionally special is that the canyon is not marked on any topo or hiker map I've seen and there is no marked route to it. Having that said, it is definitely time to write a hike report about it...

Route description:
From the cattle guard, walk east cross-country a short distance until you reach a small wash (Halfway Hollow). Follow the sandy wash bottom approximately 3.2km to Harris Wash. The Harris Wash is really huge and don't mistake it with a smaller wash coming from the right. Now go the Harris Wash upstream (left) approximately 600m, stay right. A sandy side drainage will appear on the right side. Follow this drainage 500m in deep sand and the Zebra Slot will be visible ahead on the left as a small opening. The rest I do not have to describe, it is just breathtaking to be in the Zebra Slot and you may think to be on another planet.

The hike is overall 10km (incl. return) and techically not difficult, except if you want to go further into the slot, that requires some stemming and climbing. Please note that the slot is sometimes extremely tight (40cm) and it is difficult to squeeze through.

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Hike partners: lexx

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MicheleK says: cool slot
Sent 31 October 2008, 23h41
this is amazing - are you saying there is a 5 km slot which is < 1m wide ? how deep is it ? could we say it's the desert version of a giant glacier crevasse ? :-))

amazing nature...

kind regards.

lexx says: RE:cool slot
Sent 1 November 2008, 05h17
Hi Michele,
The slot itself is actually only around 150m long, the 5km refers to the distance you need to hike there. Depth is around 20m. It really is a desert version of a glacier ceravasse! but don't ask me how it geologically originated;-)
Regards, Alex

MicheleK says: RE:cool slot
Sent 19 January 2011, 00h31
I just watched 127h the movie... and I am planning to perhaps visit utah this year.... really cool stuff

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