La Payunia

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Region: Welt » Argentinien
Tour Datum:20 März 2007
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:You can access the reservation through Route Nº 186 at 160 Km. of the head village of the department of Malargüe.
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:Eco Hostel Internacional Malargüe

La Payunia is located to the south of Mendoza province in Argentina. It is 1,400 m above the sea level.
It used to be an area with great volcanic activity at the end of Triassic period. Volcanoes, fragmented lava, black sands (basaltic origin), “bombs” camps – it is liquid or creamy material, ejected by volcanoes and hardened, making particular shapes, scrublands, and grazing land give us the possibility to imagine how earth was at the beginning of times. 
The place is lonely but picturesque; it is surrounded of the snowed mountains: The Payún Matru of 12,139feet mastered the scene from the distance.
In La Payunia, it is possible to see several animals’ species such as guanacos, choiques (short rheas), foxes, piches and Patagonia hare, among others. It is 450,000 hectares large and it was declared “protected area” in 1988. Due to its particular relief and because it is considered one of the biggest volcanic camps in South America it will soon be Humankind Patrimony.
In winter a coat and proper shoes are required to walk. In summer a coat is advisable because wind may bring low temperatures, and a cap or hat, sun block and water are also advisable.

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