A magical time in the Mountains

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Region: Welt » United States » Washington
Tour Datum:21 Januar 2008
Schneeshuhtouren Schwierigkeit: WT1 - Leichte Schneeschuhwanderung
Zeitbedarf: 6:00

The Mountain Loop highway is a very unique set of Mountains, located in the Cascades. Although it may not be my favorite place in the world, it is one of them so far. I been to the mountain loop highway plenty of times, but this time, because the road was closed, I would have to walk it. Even though you have to walk the road part, it is quite scenic! It was January 21, 2008 when I went on this trip, and I was a photomaniac, and would take photos upon photos. Because I took so many photos, I would have to run to catch up to the rest of the group with included me, my mom and my brother.

Stillaguamish Peak from in the woods Mount Dickerman Summit at Sunset Stillaguamish Peak at Sunset Devils Peak at Sunset Del Campo Peak Del Campo Peak at Sunset 

As we hike, it starts to get later, but it is so beautiful, to the point were I feel like I don't want to leave. Sunset came which was very beautiful, and we had to have a snack, and turn around, but mother let me stay a little while longer to take more photos. As she and Michael went ahead, I would take so many. It then was evening, which was awesome too because it was just after the sunset and went from a dark red to a dark blue.

Big Four Evening Big Four with moon light

But the temperature dropped fast, too fast, when I was taking a photo of Del Campo, I used a longer exposure to try to get it perfect, because it had an amazing color, but unfortunatly due to movement because I was so cold, and I did not know you had to use a timer back then. Atlast I can stand it no longer, so I tried to put my gloves on. So cold now, my hands were so numb, I could'nt get my gloves on, which was a bad thing... I tried, and at that point, preyed to be able to put my gloves on, and just after that like a miricle, they slip on, and eventually feeling comes back into my hands, but is also some what painful. Right after this, it starts to get to a dark blue, and just as I though it was going to get darker, suddenly the mountain gets brighter and brighter, and I am asking my self what in th world, and as I look over the ridge, at the horizon of the sky is the moon. Oh my goodness what a beautiful site it was! Just when I thought the Cascades could'nt possibly get better, the moon makes the land light up, like a darker version of day. Theres no light pollution to off set the light from the moon. I took a few attempts to take a photo, but my lucky was low at the time. So I finally decided on heading out, but now I was all alone. Atfirst it was a sorta scary feeling, being alone in a wood, with the full moon, and the mountains lit up at night, as if it was all for me. Although as I was walking, a few snowmobilers go by which disturb the wonderful peace, but after that, I am all alone to my self. As I was hiking, I heard sounds in the side of the bushes which scared me, becuase I was worried, the scary thought came to my head like a nightmare. What if it was a bear, or a wolve.... or cougar...... or who knows what...... I been hiking for years, but never went on a hike alone.... especially by myself. The fear kept coming back to me but soon was distracted by the beauty of the land. This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, although Cascade Valley still ranks top, but this was close.

  Hiking along the Road 

The trees everywere around looked dead, it had a ghostly feeling due to the darkness, and the black and white from all the snow around, and some trees were nocked over on the road. But it was magical hike, the fear later left, and thought well if god is with me, then I am safe. At the end of the hike, I hated to leave, the land of wonders.... even though I may be tired, the mountains never want to leave my heart, always wanting me, always inviting me, but I can't always hike after all.
But I've got promises to keep, many more miles to go before we sleep, and many more miles to go before we sleep.

Tourengänger: Josh Lewis

 275.kmz Mountain Loop Highway


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Alpin_Rise hat gesagt: Cool Mountains
Gesendet am 1. Oktober 2008 um 10:19
Nice pics from an awesome region - I hope to visit it too someday!
Is there any good climbing?

Josh Lewis hat gesagt: RE:Cool Mountains
Gesendet am 1. Oktober 2008 um 21:05
This place has plenty of climbs! Big Four, and a few others, I'm only 16 years old, so I'm not a climber..... yet. Thank you very much, it is a place worth visiting if you ever get the chance. Cheers Josh Lewis.

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