Maja e Muleqithit

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Region: Welt » Albanien
Tour Datum: 6 Juli 2014
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: AL 
Zeitbedarf: 5:00
Aufstieg: 442 m
Abstieg: 442 m
Strecke:7 kilometers roundtrip, but involving some srious bushwhack

Maja e Mulequithit is the higher of the two summits of Mali i Cukalit (the other being Maja e Cukalit). The hikes to the two summit can be combined from the common starting point, Fusha e Liqenit, which separates the two summits. Fusdha e Liqenit is a good place to camp, but bring your own water. For the access, see Maja e Cukalit.

You may have to climb only 400 Meter or so, but be ready for a serious bushwhack. We believe there must be easier ways to climb Muleqithit, but this would require detailed local knowledge, and most likely an approach from the backside (eastern side) of the mountain. Still, our route is probably the shortest. Be prepared to fight your way for an hour or so through undergrowth, brambles, profuse vegetation, karstic deadfalls and mantraps of all sorts. Recoup your energy, if you hike in July, with the seemingly never-ending supply of strawberries.
Once you clear the woods, there is an exhilarating climb up a steep grassy slope to the summit. Our return way is longer, but involves less bushwhack. 

Mali i Cukalit has been subject to much logging, and the forest are disappearing rapidly - see the satellite images. New trees are slow to grow on the steep slopes, and where new growth is possible it often results in rather useless bush.

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Maja e Cukalit · detlefpalm

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