Pizzo di Corgella

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Tessin » Sottoceneri
Tour Datum:25 Mai 2014
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: Gruppo Camoghè   CH-TI 
Aufstieg: 650 m
Abstieg: 650 m
Strecke:Monti del Tiglio - Alpe di Corgella - Pizzo di Corgella
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Lugano - Bironico - Isone - Monti del Tiglio
Kartennummer:CNS 1313

Pizzo di Corgella is a minor peak neighboured (and dwarfed) by the far more glamorous Camoghè.
Nevertheless it offers an exceptionally vast view over a large portion of the Tessin Alps (well, provided weather assists conveniently, which was not entirely our case) and therefore deserves a visit.
You drive up the charming Valle Isone and, once in Isone itself, you turn left following an indication to Monti del Tiglio. Now, you should be aware of the fact that you are substantially accessing a military location of the Swiss Army and that access is obviously unallowed when a firing range is on. Well, that happens during the week, access during the weekends is definitely allowed.
There is a small parking area for maybe 10 vehicles right where a fence across the road prevents from driving further, and that’s right beside some military barracks. There’s where you start your walk, right up the paved, winding road pushing up through the wood. A pretty much boring thing (to me), but at least it provides some good warming exercise. At some point the paving ends and turns into a comfortable dirt track until you reach a sort of parking area with a panel + map. Right here, in theory you should identify a small footpath going up (North) the steep slope through the wood. Do not insist searching, there’s nothing like that nor any indication but, as long as you have an idea of where you want to go, just freely go up. A beautiful and silent walk will get you in maybe 15 minutes at the ruined Alpe di Corgella where you can enjoy some fresh water. You will notice a path starting off rightwise: it may be followed for only say 50 meters, but then you should watch out for a very weak trail going left, up the steep slope; you would get almost immediately back into the wood and, within another 15 minutes or so, step somewhere on the large and open ridge area. That’s about where a footpath appears and needs to be followed (right); at the same time you will start viewing the summit which, with no difficulties whatsoever, would be quickly reached.
The panoramic view is absolutely stunning! You get Bellinzona and the northern portion of Lake Maggiore with Locarno at your feet. I numbered the visible peaks I have summited: 16, hey, not bad! And 15 of these with Toto, the gallant alpine-dog!
The way down after you leave the ridge is again a beautiful, substantially un-tracked, wood-wandering until you get down to Alpe di Corgella and then back to the paved track.
If you have only a morning to spend for your hike and you’re looking for something really rewarding, this little summit is ideal. You will, also, enjoy some breath-taking blooming flora visions. Very recommended.    
Quite surprisingly (at least to me) we crossed a handful of hikers along the whole way.

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