Zermatt - Unterrothorn (3100m) - Fluhalp (2600m) - Zermatt

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Wallis » Oberwallis
Tour Datum:15 Juli 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-VS 
Zeitbedarf: 6:00
Aufstieg: 1500 m
Abstieg: 1500 m
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Camping site Zermatt
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:Camping site Zermatt
Kartennummer:1348 Zermatt

We had experienced some bad weather in the past days and had to abort our training trip to the mettelhorn on 3000m due to a visibilty of aprox. only 5m (fog and rain...) and we had to cancel our ascent of the Rimpfischhorn...

Moral was low as we only had 1 day left in Zermatt and we hadn't really had a nice long exhausting day because of the bad weather. But we woke up that last day with a blue sky, lots of energy. We decided to do a long tour... Walk to the summit of the Unterrothorn, so we could at least see the Rimpfischhorn, descent to Fluhalp and return to Zermatt via some nice lakes so we could take some fancy 'Matterhorn in the water' pictures.

The trip to Sunegga (2300m) is very straightforward from Zermatt, so nothing special to mention there. But when we arrived in Sunegga, I wanted to test my partner's condition, so I went up to Blauherd (2600m) with an avg. speed of 5,6km/h (GPS is fun in the mountains :))... Sunegga-Blauherd in a record speed...

Blauherd-Rothorn is a 600m climb, which we did in a whopping 45minutes. On the Mettelhorn we had to abort and we started to doubt about ourselves, but on the summit of the Rothorn we (me and my brother) decided to certainly take revenge on the Mettelhorn next year and certainly climb our first 4000-er next year. If we can climb the Rothorn in 45min, we should be able to do the Mettelhorn and a 4000-er. On the summit we felt like we could do Oberrothorn as well, but it looked like a lot of snow had fallen during the past bad week. We were not prepared to walk in snow or in a chilly wind, so we decided to take  a long return to Zermatt.

We decided to go to Fluhalp, Grindsjesee, Leisee, Winkelmatten and then to Zermatt. All together a tour of 18km. We left at 10 in the morning, we were at the summit of Rothorn in 12h and took a slow descent to Zermatt. We were back in our tent on the Zermatt camping at 4PM.

Zermatt-Sunegga-Blauherd-Rothorn-Fluhalp-Grindjesee-Leisee-Winkelmatten-Zermatt. Don't forget your camera! Rothorn is super for panorama pictures or individual pictures from Weishorn to Matterhorn to Dufourspitze to Rimpfischhorn to Dom. The descent back to Zermatt also delivers some "wallpaper quality picture" opportunities!

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