Piz Cazarauls 3063m

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Glarus
Tour Datum:27 Juli 2013
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3+ - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   CH-GR   CH-UR   Claridengruppe 
Zeitbedarf: 11:30
Aufstieg: 2250 m
Abstieg: 2280 m
Strecke:Hinter Sand(1300m)->Ochsenplanggen (1530 m)-> Ober Sand (1937 m) -> Planurahütte SAC (2947 m)-> Piz Cazarauls (3063 m)
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:1.From Zurich to Tierfed by car (of course you can use the train). 2.From Tierfed to Hinter Sand by Alp Taxi
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:From Hinter Sand to the summit (Piz Cazarauls 3063m) on foot. And back way Vice versa.
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:Didn't use because we did that in one day.
Kartennummer:Swiss Map 25, Garmin Topo Suisse v3

Description and main goals:
Piz Cazarauls (el. 3,063 metres) is a mountain of theGlarus Alps in Switzerland. The summit is the tripointbetween the cantons of UriGlarus and Graubünden. Piz Cazarauls lies between the valleys of MaderanertalLinthand Val Russein.
So for me the main idea was:
a) to visit something more than 3000m close to Zurich
b) no special equipment required (Ice pick or crampons)

From Zurich to Tierfed by car (of course you can use the train connection).
From Tierfed to Hinter Sand by Alpin Taxi.

8:30 From Hinter Sand we finally took our way on foot and started out hiking track.
The first part of the route goes quite steep till the first pass ~1930m (I’m not sure but I guess the pass had the name of Löcher 1927m), it took us 1:15 hours and we made 650m of ascent while we were sweating like a hell.
So after that we reached the valley Ober Sand which was flat, quiet and nice.
In the middle of the valley there were some farmers’ buildings, we bypassed them and followed along the oberstafelbach river to the next big pass.
Well, in fact, there were few intermediate passes of 1994m, 2135m, 2314m, 2452m, 2750m height.
But the final pass is more or less visible starting with the Ober Sand valley.
The snow appeared at height 2500~2800m, but still on our way to the summit there were some clear spots of ground to see.
We were in the Planurahütte at 5:15h from the start.
After that you have to options how to get to Piz Cazarauls:
a)    Use a direct way thru intermediate heights 2992m and 2971. But in this case you have to climb a part (some rocky part about 5 m long)
b)    Go back and down a bit and follow along the glassier edge bypassing this dangerous rocky part below. Yes, you lose 10~20m of elevation but…
So I chose option b). My companion chose option a).
We made some rest on the intermediate summit 2992m (the funny thing about that we thought it was already Piz Cazarauls, but we were wrong, we still needed 300m to overcome)
Well, finally we reached the Piz Cazarauls in 7h from start at 15:30h.
The same way back took us ~4:30h
We were back in Hinter Sand at 19:50.
After that from Hinter Sand to Tierfed- by Alp Taxi and by car to Zurich.
Way to the summit with stops and resting - 7h
Way back - 4:30 with fewer stops.
Total ascent    2250m
Total descent  2280m.
1. No need in special alpine equipment like Ice pick or crampons but you have to call to the Planurahütte and
ask about conditions on the slope.
2. Definitely good tracking shoes necessary .
3. Participants should be in a good physical shape because if you take a look at the ascent and descent
results, it looks quite challenging for one day.
P.S I would like to thank Mattias for the company and yes it’s possible to do it in one day!
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 19096.gpx Hinter Sand -> Piz Cazarauls and way back


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