Walking along the Linth channel and Obersee - from Ziegelbrücke to Bollingen

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » St.Gallen
Tour Datum:30 April 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T1 - Wandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   CH-SG 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Ziegelbrücke

If you like easy flat hikes which don’t have big inclines, the Linth plane should be perfect for you. Walking along the Linth channel is almost completely flat. We walked from Ziegelbrücke to Bollingen, almost 20 km and the altitude difference we made was about 20 meters…

There’s not much else to say, the walk started at the train station in Ziegelbrücke and walked along the channel to Giessen and Grinau. From Giessen, staying on the right side of the Linth, we walked until after the highway bridge, where we took the pedestrian bridge over to Altmeind. Following the Aabach for a while, the path to Schmerikon then takes a right. From Schmerikon to Bollingen we followed the Strandweg towards Rapperswil (still all flat) where the foehn “finally” gave way to the rain.

Unfortunately the train station Bollingen is not served any more by the SOB at all. The closest public transportation in this area would now be cff logo Wagen, alte Post or cff logo Jona, Buech Industrie. Luckily there was a nice older lady who saw us standing underneath a roof waiting for a little less rain and asked us if we needed a ride to the next train station. We happily accepted thanks!

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