Mud Volcanoes

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Region: Welt » Azerbaijan
Tour Datum:20 April 2013
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T1 - Wandern
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Zeitbedarf: 1:00
Aufstieg: 10 m
Abstieg: 10 m

I quote from the excellent guide book to Azerbaijan from Mark Elliott: "Like cows, mud vulcanoes constantly fart flammable gases.They also like throwing gobs of mud and streaming forth watery flows with a vigor that varies seasonally. This behaviour is gently amusing rather than life threatening. Mud vulcanoes are cold and have multiple vents through which they exhale.

On very rare occasions, extreme gas pressure blows out the whole crater throwing masses of rock and mud into the air and showering a wide area. In such events, the methane can ignite creating a dramatic flare several hundred meters high... But such violent eruptions are very rare and usually preceded by discernible warning rumblings and movements of the whole crater surface. The more accessible crater fields generally gurgle away safely and make very intriguing places to explore..."

A very worthwhile excursion from Baku. A 4WD is required when wet, otherwise a high clearance vehicle is definitely an advantage.

And bring some shoeshine or spare shoes, as you'll surely get muddy boots!

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